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The fact that women can take part in a wide range of combat jobs due to the latest Pentagon decision is the result of the active position of the female soldiers. Today, women are considered the equal members of the national military forces, who are eligible to undertake a number of military operations. Since 1994, females have not had the access to 220, 000 of military positions even though they constitute nearly 14% of duty forces (Perlin, Mather, & Turner , 2005, p.861). Such tendency shows that the modern military forces require wider women inclusion into the combat jobs. In fact, in the course of history, females have been involved in a wide range of military operations. For instance, they performed various military actions in the Soviet Union, Greece, Israel, Eritrea, which serves as direct evidence of women’s courage and readiness to protect their country regardless of gender stereotypes (Simons, 2000). Such historical background determines a certain social outlook that promotes the active military position of females. Therefore, it becomes a framework for the policy that presupposes dismissal of the gender aspect when it comes to armed forces. As supporting evidence, it is crucial to mention that both men and women have equal rights in terms of military service as there are no formidable arguments on the basis of gender differences that can object females’ qualification in this field.


Different social studies were able to refute the misconception on the basis of gender peculiarities, namely weak physical abilities of females,  which prevent them from the complete inclusion into the combat actions. Most oppositionists of the women military service advocate their position through the claim about the negative effect of the latest on the reproductive system of the women and a lack of the required physical aptitudes in general. However, the Defense Women’s Health Research Program managed to conduct research concerning this subject matter and collect conclusive results, according to which both females and males possess equal readiness for the physical and cognitive load (Perlin et al.,  2005, p.861). Accordingly, these results discredit the claims regarding gender differences, in particular women’s physical inability to become equal members of the military forces. In some cases, in comparison to males, females prove to have immense fortitude as they can successfully endure traumas received during the military operations, which has a faint possibility to develop further life-threatening complications (Dye et al., 2016, p. 92). Such women’s stamina can help decrease the number of hospitalization cases during the combat actions. Therefore, claims against women’s complete inclusion into the combat process based on their lack of physical abilities are rather unwarranted gender-prejudices.

Considering the above-mentioned information, women’s inclusion into the military actions can be considered as the struggle against the gender discrimination that persists in the present times. Even though today women have rights to take part in a wide range of social activities, there is still certain underestimation of their role in the society that promotes sexist behavior both in the military and civil culture. In fact, 52% of military women report experiencing offensive sexual behavior; 9% of military females claim that they encountered sexual coercion during the military service. Moreover, sexist remarks and sexual abuse has become a commonplace in the military sphere (Tepe et al., 2016, p. 111). Such situation shows obvious flows in the military culture when it comes to the gender issues that tend to determine further discrimination against women. As a result, common misconception about women’s weakness leads to the social oppression even among civil population. Therefore, the extension and acknowledgment of women’s rights in terms of combat jobs are necessary as it can help not only improve the military culture that still functions on the basis of gender stereotypes, but also open new opportunities for the military service in general.

Another argument in favor of women’s inclusion into the combat jobs is the necessity to decrease the homogeneous content of the military service members’ that can make military operations more effective.  For instance, due to the smaller bone structure, females’ physique is more beneficial in terms of reaching aircraft engine (Alfonso, 2010, p.66). Wider inclusion of women can provide higher preparation of the male part of military forces for the possibility to face female members during the combat and treat them not like women, but like equal opponents. Moreover, such competitiveness provide a higher quality of military actions as soldiers will work more efficiently in order not to lose their supremacy and face humiliation(Alfonso, 2010, p.70). The operation LIONESS conducted by the military forces in Iraq in 2003 represents those advantages that the women’s extension of military action can provide (McNulti, 2012, p.130).  Females’ access to the local population helped avoid unnecessary military actions due to the fact that women are good at negotiations. As a result, they managed to collect all necessary information regarding the weapons and other aspects that could help in conducting the military operations without arousing any suspicion. Therefore, one can infer that a wider access of women to the combat jobs can enhance the effectiveness of the military operations due to their profound mental and physical abilities

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