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Customer Relationship Management Techniques

Introduction The understanding of the customer relationship management techniques is essential in the development of an organization’s promotional activities and in setting of sales targets. It is caused by the fact that the customers’ ...
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Deployment Method for IoT Objects

Abstract The deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT) processes is accompanied by wide-ranging Internet security protocols, which provide long-term solutions for the delivery of confidential communication among individuals and businesses. The ...
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Development in Ethiopia

Introduction Prosperity of the poor third-world countries is under the stiff scrutiny of the developed nations and other international institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, and WTO. The organizations make efforts in documenting economic and ...
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The Effects of Arab Spring on the United States

Abstract This paper discusses the role of the Arab Spring in American foreign and domestic policies and the effect the revolutions in the Arab world have had in the United States. The work analyzes the situation before and after the Arab Spring, ...
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Emile Durkheim’s Division of Labor and the Egyptian Revolution

Dating back to the origin of mankind, the first society described in the Holly Book and myths was divided into different workings levels, thus proving that the division of labor has been in existence for a very long time. However, either the ...
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Introduction Ben Janson is the entrepreneur, who has established a small chain of fashion stores in London. This person has started his business when he was twenty-four years old. At that time, the only thing which he had was his faith in future ...
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Environmental Factors in the Oil and Gas Industries

Executive Summary Oil and gas industries in the United States belong to the major industries that have experienced significant growth over the years. Almost all products that are used every day are made of either oil or gas. For example, gasoline, ...
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European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Abstract The European Sovereign Debt Crisis has emerged as one of the greatest challenging aspects regarding financial issues for the policy makers and the governments. Clearly, the issues of financial contagion and the empirical financial market ...
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Forms of Power

Introduction Organizations are units of operations that are formed for the sole aim of attaining particular objectives (Gee 123). Making profits or earning a return remains the most common objective of many entities. Within societies, there are ...
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Fuzzy Discrete Events System

Introduction The term ‘discrete event system’ is supposed to be commonly used in a narrow meaning in order to refer to a 'process' simulation, where the dynamics of the system is represented as a sequence of operations (arrival, delay, ...
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