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Environmental Factors in the Oil and Gas Industries

Executive Summary Oil and gas industries in the United States belong to the major industries that have experienced significant growth over the years. Almost all products that are used every day are made of either oil or gas. For example, gasoline, ...
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European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Abstract The European Sovereign Debt Crisis has emerged as one of the greatest challenging aspects regarding financial issues for the policy makers and the governments. Clearly, the issues of financial contagion and the empirical financial market ...
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Forms of Power

Introduction Organizations are units of operations that are formed for the sole aim of attaining particular objectives (Gee 123). Making profits or earning a return remains the most common objective of many entities. Within societies, there are ...
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Fuzzy Discrete Events System

Introduction The term ‘discrete event system’ is supposed to be commonly used in a narrow meaning in order to refer to a 'process' simulation, where the dynamics of the system is represented as a sequence of operations (arrival, delay, ...
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Game-Based Education for Teens

Introduction Playing digital games has gained popularity among teenagers who use this kind of entertainment for leisure and learning purposes. Digital game-based learning is the development and the utilization of computer games for educational use ...
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Global Supply Chain of Latex Glove

Risk of Global Supply Chain of Latex Glove Over the past few decades, supply chain management has found its root in most companies thriving in every opportunity available to them. Companies have been benefiting a lot from this sector of business ...
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Guns Allowed

Since the days guns were invented, they have been a part of the American custom as defense and a way of stalking or sport. Towards the end of the 20th century, the usage of guns has significantly altered. Because of the rapid upsurge in delinquency ...
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Guns Control

Abstract This paper argues that strict gun control should be implemented to alleviate adversities caused by moderate control of firearms. Currently, the federal laws sometimes allow civilians to acquire firearms without carrying out background ...
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HBO: Giant Cable Television Provider

A Short History of HBO Time Inc., the world-renowned mass media company, wanted to found new paid television channel in the 1970s. Having established the most popular print media, the company was confident that they could also offer a television ...
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How to Minimize Cyber Terrorism in an Ever World of Technology

The current world relies on technology to advance its operations in all domains of life including trade, education, and security. Currently, the Internet traverses almost the whole world since it is present in more than 200 countries with about one ...
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