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Shelter from the Storm Organization Free Essay

Shelter from the Storm is an organization that provides wide-ranging services to victims of domestic violence in professional, compassionate, and ethical means. The organization is located in Coachella Valley, and was formed in 1993 after realizing a dire need in the community to deal with domestic violence.


The organization’s founders also realized that domestic violence was an issue that many people did not like to speak about despite the fact that it was an acute problem to many. They therefore made it their duty to develop a variety of services that would provide domestic violence victims with a chance to live healthy and safe lives. Since its creation back in 1993, the organization has a total of 200 beds and has managed to find five different program locations throughout Coachella Valley. At the moment, the organization has the capability of serving more than 200 women and children every year. The organization also provides its services in both English and Spanish.

The organization also provides victims with two months of shelter together with other services, such as case management, medical care, group counseling, and assistance for the women and children whose lives are in danger. However, the organization designed a long-term transitional housing program, which was started in the year 2000 and allows women to join the workforce and receive other services that can help in their emotional and financial stability. Apart from providing services to those who need temporary housing, the program also provides counselling services to women and children who are in need of services other than shelter in a similar way they provide it to those under the program’s care. The organization also provides onsite schooling in preschool and K-12 education.

In summary, Shelter from the Storm’s services include emergency shelter services, long- and short-term transitional housing, legal services, outreach crisis intervention, teen dating and violence services, individual and group counseling, and counselling to both children and parents. Currently, the organization is successful in its service providence with the help of donor services. At the moment, the organization’s mission is to provide comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence in the most ethical, professional, and compassionate way. The organization’s vision is to provide domestic violence victims in Coachella with the high-quality services full of human warmth (Shelter from the Storm, n.d).

A Description of the Meeting

One of the concerts that the company has is the annual Shelter from the Storm Concert. The concert is attended by the best musicians, dancers, and singers from the region. Young unrecognized talent is also featured in this concert, and its main aim is to raise some money for the local nonprofits. Tickets are always charged based on age, as adults pay $10 while students pay $5 (West, 2015). The main aim of this concert is to raise at least $10,000 at every concert; and last year, the concert managed to reach this $10,000 goal (West, 2015). The concert brings together different local agencies that provide employment and free medical services to different groups, such as the veterans. The efforts of the Shelter have won some mentions from the Congress. Apart from raising some funds for the local goodwill purposes, the concert also hopes to gain double benefit by increasing awareness among the young people. At the moment, the concert has managed to raise awareness of the local needs. Last year concert’s funds went to the battered women unit for renovation purposes, and some of them were directed to the council food pastries. Some amount was also spent in order to bring the homeless into shelter. Children who have been victims of sexual abuse and violence also benefitted from the funds raised (West, 2015).

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However, this is not the only major meeting by the organization, as others such as the Dance in the Rain concerts, are also part of the organization’s important events. In this one, for example, the organizers and leaders come together with the hope that their activities will influence national policy on education so that it focuses on best learning for all students (Leading Learner, 2016).

The Leadership Styles within the Group

One of the important factors in the Shelter from the Storm organization is leadership. Most of the organization’s accomplishments can be attributed to its leadership and the leadership styles used to drive performances.

A range of leadership styles has been used in this organization, and all of them seem to influence performance. One of the notable styles is the Laissez faire leadership style where team members are given room to work on their own through total freedom. In such a case, they set their own deadlines and milestones. Others only provide advice and resources but do not involve themselves too much into the teams’ activities.

A look at the Shelter from the Storm organization shows that it is a major organization composed of different independent subunits. For example, the organization has an emergency shelter, a transitional center, counseling center, and outreach center. Although these centers are related in one way or the other, they are still allowed to work independently without intrusion from the president and the executive director. The result of such independence is motivation and quality services, which has made the organizations be among the best in the region. The leadership style has also helped the organization in dealing with diverse issues, such as education, counseling, sheltering, and helping the many domestic violence victims. The same leadership style has enabled the organization to find more ways of funding, like the one presented in the annual dance and music concert. The organization is headed by a president followed an executive director and board members. Although they exist and help in running of the organization, they do not interfere with other programs within the same organization.

Another leadership style in this organization is the democratic leadership style. This style is also referred to as participative style and involves more participative roles in the decision-making process (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). In short, decision is not made by one organization member, but rather by many, as everyone is given the opportunity to make decisions. Equality among organization’s members is considered together with other things, such as flow of ideas. As mentioned earlier, the top management is composed of more than one leader, and all of them are involved in the organization’s decision-making process. Other members within the organization and its affiliates are also involved in the decision-making process. The result of this leadership style in the Shelter from the Storm is increased growth. This is why some of the top leaders celebrate the fact that the organization has managed to achieve much since it was started in 1993. Another advantage of this method is that it allows sponsors to take active role in the organization’s decision-making process. Given that the organization is more dependent on sponsors, this leadership style combined with the laissez faire style seems the best for the organization.

A look at individual leaders in the organization to determine their leadership styles shows that the president is a charismatic leader. This style is more reliant on the leader’s persuasiveness and charm (Kelly & Tazbir, 2014). The president’s charisma is evident through his message to the people. He seems more interested in the people’s welfare, as he celebrates the fact that the organization has managed to help so many people within a short period. He is also happy that most people’s needs have been met and that the organization and its people are committed to making sure that the organization’s services continue to create healthy lives as well as save other lives. When referring to the shelter, he uses ‘we’ instead of ‘it’ to show that he loves that the organization has worked as a group on meeting some of the community’s needs. His message is therefore used to encourage both workers and community members, as all their services are necessary for the successful running of this organization.

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Some of these qualities also place the president among transformational leaders, as they motivate those around them in order to meet organization’s goals, visions, and objectives. In fact, a study of the organization shows that most of its success is dependent on people’s motivation and their ability to meet some goals. A good example of an activity that has helped in meeting the organization’s goals is the annual concert that helps in raising some money by the organization and other nonprofit organizations in this region. As explained earlier, participation in this event is high, both by the students and parents who come together to help the society.

Key Issues Addressed By This Group

As explained earlier, Shelter from the Storm has many issues that it addresses, and most of them lie on the management, which includes the president, the executive director, and the board of directors. One of the issues addressed by this group is establishing new programs within the organization and managing existing programs. For example, one of the centers in this organization is the long-term transitional housing, which offers domestic violence victims at least two years of housing. Another center that the leaders help to oversee is the counselling center, which is named after one of the organization’s former presidents (Dr. Jodoin, n.d). In such a center, professional counselling at all levels, including group and individual levels, exists, and everything must be overseen by some of the leaders.

The organizational leaders are also the ones responsible for inviting and overseeing donors in this organization. As explained earlier, this is a nonprofit organization, and most of its finances come from donations and charities. Therefore, the organization’s president and executive director must make sure that they attract donors to the organization. This is done in various ways, such as a heartwarming message to everyone by the president. This is also achievable through concerts and meetings that help in bringing the community together to raise the necessary funds.

Apart from inviting donors, the group is also responsible of the donated money. In short, the organization’s leaders help in distributing the funds within different centers, such as the counselling center and the education center. Lastly, the management and the organization’s leaders are also the ones that make sure that the organization’s vision and mission are achieved. At the moment, the organization is focused on making sure that it provides quality and caring services to victims of domestic violence. The organization also makes sure that

Who should be Included in the Coalition

One of the groups that should be included in the meetings and the leadership is the victims of domestic violence, especially those who are in the organization for a longer time. This is because the organization is interested in solving the needs of this group, and this cannot be achieved without understanding their needs. The concepts of domestic violence cannot be understood without creating an inclusive environment where services are provided based on the experiences of real victims.

Another group that should be included in this coalition is nurses and health practitioners. One of the centers is dedicated towards emergency domestic violence services, and this includes medical health services. In such a case, health care workers help in making decisions that cannot be made by the management, as they may not be qualified in this area. Legal officers also need to be included in the coalition based on the fact that some of the cases involved must be solved at the court of law. Educators also need to be included in this group because the organization provides educational services to some of its young members.

In conclusion, Shelter from the Storm is an organization that helps domestic violence victims by providing them with professional, compassionate, and ethical services. The organization, which is located in Coachella Valley, was formed in 1993, and since then, it has managed to provide a range of services, which include education, counseling, and long-term shelter services to victims of domestic violence. The organization’s mission and vision are based on its desire to provide its compassionate and ethical services for a longer period. To achieve this purpose, the organization engages in a number of activities, such as meetings and concerts, which helps in raising funds and raising awareness among the society within which the organization operates. Different leaders and members are also helpful in goal realization, as they use their leadership style to increase awareness, ensure survival, and motivate others for quality care providence.

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