SWOT Analysis of Thomson Airways

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SWOT Analysis of Thompson Airways


Thomson Airways is well-know British airline that provides the services of charter flights and scheduled flights from the UK to North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Moreover, this airline company is popular because of its quality. The number of passengers of Thomson Airways reaches 10.5 million. Consequently, this company occupies the third place after British Airways and Easy Jet. This essay intends to present the SWOT analysis of the airline company to describe its external and internal environment and determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Thomson Airways is a well-developed company whose customers are mainly Americans and Europeans. Leaders and employees of this company devote much attention to the concept of collaboration. The strategic plan, leadership, strategic goals, and tactics are connected with innovation and the implementation of new technologies. Investors, customers, employees, communities, and competitors are main stakeholders. It is evident that the complex activity of the stakeholders and the collaboration and communication between them are part of the corporate strategy of Thomson Airways.

SWOT Analysis

Airline Name: Thomson Airlines


  1. Providing a broad range of services.
  2. A good marketing policy.
  3. A big brand name.
  4. A large number of passengers.
  5. Collaboration with the travel agencies.
  6. Innovation.
  7. Perspectives of transformation.
  8. Developed competitive advantage.


  1. Expensiveness.
  2. Service quality.
  3. Frequent complaints of passengers.
  4. Dependence on the economic and political factors.
  5. Too many services.


  1. Development of new services.
  2. Possibility of becoming more competitive.
  3. Providing more reliable policy of health and security.
  4. Shift from regional to the international market.
  5. Collaboration with other airlines.
  6. Finding new locations.


  1. High competition.
  2. Compromised reputation.
  3. Lawsuits.
  4. Poor quality of services.
  5. Imperfect system of health and safety policy.

Internal Environment

The internal environment of Thomson Airlines is preconditioned by its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of Thomson Airlines enable the company to meet passengers' needs. First of all, they prove that the Thomson Airlines puts the interests of their clients on the first place. Moreover, these strengths prove the company’s competitive advantage that allows it to compete with other British airline organizations. Moreover, the strengths of this company reveal that it has all the opportunities for the further development.

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The weaknesses of Thomson Airlines should be taken into consideration, as they can prevent the company from meeting passengers' needs, as the prices can scare them motivating to turn to another organization. As to complaints, they can damage organizational reputation (Barney, 1991). However, these weaknesses do not negatively differentiate Thomson Airlines from its competitors British Airways and Easy Jet, as such weaknesses are characteristic for any airline company. Moreover, the weaknesses prove that the company has space for improvement.

The human resources of Thomson Airlines include employees, board members and target population. The target market of Thomson Airways includes consumers of all ages. However, the most active consumers are teenagers and young people who prefer travelling and relaxing. Current consumers of Thomson Airways tend to live in Eastern Europe or in the United States. The number of passengers of Thomson Airways reaches 10.5 million. Chris Browne is a managing director of company (Thomson Airways Ltd, 2013).

Physical resources of Thomason Airlines include locations, equipment and buildings. The head office is near Luton. Its space is 41, 250 square foot that is adjusted to Luton Airport that is not far from the north of London. The aircrafts of this company are based in 13 other British airports for providing short-haul and long-haul flights (Thomson Airways Ltd, 2013).

Thomson Airways proposes different flights for different prices. The flight from London to Dubai can cost from $181 to $208. One can get in any part of the world using Thomson Airways. It can be Dubai, Malta, Barbados. Thomson Airways provides different additional services, from restaurants to hotels. Thomson Airways also provides their clients with comfortable flights. One can book any hotel in advance and be sure that the holidays will be wonderful.

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The main activities of Thomson Airways are flights. However, Thomson Airways provides such services as Marina Cruise, Atlantis Hotel, Big Bus Tour, Fishing, Wonder Bus, Helicopter Tour, Burj Al Arab, Scuba Diving, Morning Desert Safari, Park, Hummer Safari, Atlantis Aquaventure Water, Crab Hunting, Quad Bike, Hot Air Balloon, Overnight Desert Safari, and so on. With regard to Thomson Airways, advantage is a typical feature of the airline company. It is are superior in position, human and physical resources and skills. In the present time, the company uses innovative technologies and systems aiming to become more modernized (Ferrel & Hartline, 2010). The past experience of the company is related to its creation as Britannia Airways that has had a great reputation and a strong brand name in the British market.

External Environment

The external environment of Thomson Airlines is preconditioned by its threats and opportunities. The opportunities presuppose the extension of service strategy and providing safety, quality and comfort. These are short-term strategies that should be accomplished during one year. The opportunities of this company are endless, since the company has a huge set of human and physical resources (Yukl & Chavez, 2002). The main goal is to improve the marketing strategy to implement all these opportunities efficiently and receive profits consequently (Scott, 2011).

The threats are related not only to customers' needs, but also to competitors, as they can be both driving and restraining forces for the company. High competition is a threat that refers to long-term horizon. Lawsuits refer to short-term threats. The threats of the company show that the organization should reevaluate the service strategy and reconstruct it according to the market standards (Akkaya, 2000). Thomson Airways may deal with such an issue as spending additional money on the development. Another global problem which Thomson Airways may face is governmental laws regarding environmental concerns.

Political, economic, sociocultural, technological, legal and environmental factors influence the general environment of Thomson Airlines. Consequently, they should be transformed into the driving forces for the organization.

The future trends of Thomson Airlines are related to creating a favourable socio-cultural image accepted by the community. Consequently, the company is involved in pro-environmental programs. Moreover, the company tries to adapt its marketing policy to the destinations’ peculiarities. Economic factors affecting Thomson Airlines are related to the recent decrease in travelling. Moreover, unemployment and economic crises have also led to the reduction of passenger number (Yukl & Chavez, 2002).

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The funding sources of Thomson Airlines depend on the legislation, laws and regulations of the country in which it operates. One can get in any part of the world using Thomson Airways. However, the company should not violate the legislation and international relationships with other countries. The demographic issues are also possible, as the decrease in the buying power of consumers and aging population have already affected the profitability of other companies.

Presently, marketing is moving in the direction of globalization, which is the process of overcoming all obstacles and barriers among countries. It means that the marketing strategy of Thomson Airways focuses on the global market widening its possibilities to become an international company. Moreover, globalization is a step forward, as it advances the position of the company through marketing (Jeannet & Hennessey, 2001). This phenomenon significantly impacts marketing in the whole world, and these effects are various, including labour market, productivity, physical and human capital, competitiveness, and efficiency and technology. It is a multifunctional process (Subhash, 1996).


In conclusion, the SWOT analysis has demonstrated the peculiarities of internal and external environments of Thomson Airlines. Consequently, success and profitability of the company depend on its service strategy. Thomson Airways relies on the diversity of services as the way of satisfaction of passengers’ demands. Moreover, the collaboration with other countries proves the presence of the impact of globalization. Thomson Airways should shift from British market to the international one. Integration in the global market is a new way to develop. Of course, this airline’s situation is far from poor even considering the existing weaknesses and possible threats. On the contrary, the company should use them as the driving forces for the development. The key issues that should be addressed are related to the quality of services. Consequently, they should be included in the marketing plan.

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