Google Case Study

Google is one of the legendary companies, which was established in order to let everyone enjoy the benefits of the Internet. The corporation’s success has many secrets; however, it is possible to name several characteristic features, which help to recognize this company among hundreds of others. Google is a unique firm, which offers comfortable working conditions and does everything to satisfy human needs of both employees and customers. In return, it requires its personnel to have innovative and creative minds able to bring the company to the new level of the development. Business environment is full of competition, and Google realizes it. The corporation strives to perform according to the interests of people and be as innovative as possible. The legendary company chose a promotional way of the development, which reflects itself in giving the products away. It means that Google sacrifices itself for the sake of its productivity and profitability. The main source of income for the company is advertising. Companies pay Google for each click of the Internet user. In addition, the first search results, which appear in Google search engine, are the most expensive ones. Internet users do not waste much time scrolling down to see dozens of links before finding the necessary information. Information became the main source of improvement, growth, business productivity, and overall sustainability for Google. Technological developments of the company make it possible to track changes in human needs and interests according to their search requests. AdSense and AdWords are the primary tools in the performance of Google, which help to design advertisements through meeting needs of both websites and customers. Websites have pop-up advertisements according to the type of products and services they offer. Google places ads according to the logical connection. The target users become interested and are willing to learn more, which leads to clicking on the ad and moving to another website. It is a simple model of generating profits for Google, which brings enough profits to create new technological breakthroughs. The main peculiarity of the corporation’s activity is that it does not spoil the Internet with dozens of ads on websites. On the contrary, the company strives to put as little ads as possible. It does not want to make Internet sources full of rubbish preventing the user from getting the information he/she is looking for. The main principle of Google is to place an appropriate ad in the right place. It is one of the main postulates, which helps to meet users’ needs and not to waste time. Finally, the company always aspires to excellence. It teaches its employees that success cannot have a target point. It is necessary to want more all the time. Without aspiration, motivation, and striving for excellence, it is impossible to gain respect, success, and prosperity. Probably, this principle is one of the most important ones, which helps employees to develop and improve themselves on the continuous basis.

Google has a specific philosophy of advertising. It is already a fact that the company uses a unique approach towards putting ads, so users do not have any pressure. Google uses a light portion of persuasion, which helps people to make a free choice and do not feel any influence from the external sources. Direct advertising helps the company to save financial resources and obtain efficiency in each decision. The idea of the corporation lies in the implementation of advertising, where the user needs it the most. According to the case study, Google obtains more than sixty percent of revenue from advertising, which helps the company generate profits and invest in other projects bringing an increased efficiency in each process (Crane, Kerin, Hartley, Berkovitz & Rudelius, 2006). The founder of the corporation believes that it is necessary to match information with users, which helps to stay in tune with human needs. Less advertising helps not to irritate the person with the information, which he/she is not interested in receiving. It means that the company values the users’ time spent on searching the necessary material. Online advertising also helps Google to predict its success by evaluating the efficiency of each advertisement. In addition, if the company made a mistake, it would notice it at once as long as users would not be interested in following the link. In particular, Google strives not to make mistakes and archives each search request from the devices of the user. The corporation uses a cost-per-click model, which helps it to generate profits. Companies choose Google for the advertisement, as long as it is most likely to use the most profitable and effective way of advertising. Billboards and magazine advertising do not have as much effect as Google has. Even if the company chooses an expensive package of advertising services offered by Google, it is most likely that these costs will pay back. In a fraction of a second, a user can quickly access a website offered by Google search engine. It means that any company can gain growth and business development in a blink of an eye thanks to the corporation. A legendary company managed to win loyalty of users and partners with the help of putting cost-effective decisions in every request. It is most likely to continue its expansion representing a significant threat to the development of its competitors. Microsoft, Yahoo!, Yandex, and other search engines are most likely to fail to beat Google’s success in the future. The corporation values speedy decisions, which result in high-quality outcomes. Probably, the nearest future of the company will bring some new ways of advertising, which will create more comfort for users and companies at the same time. However, it is impossible to make a breakthrough without technological support. Fortunately, Google has everything to promote its further development.

Online advertising has a broad range of the performance. Contemporary Internet development offers its users to turn to the most appropriate and affordable way of advertising. In general, it is possible to define such segments of advertising as online search engines advertising, video advertising, and social networks advertising. All these features use different tools including pop-ups, banners, flash ads, and pay-per-click ads. In addition, there are special advertising techniques via e-mail and picture stock websites, which do not contain any additional visualization. Network advertising is oriented to common online users, who surf the net on the daily basis. Sponsored profiles can help obtain a significant influence on social network users by appearing in their newsfeeds. Even short messages with pictures can make a change. Remarketing is another peculiarity of the contemporary online advertising with the help of social networks. For example, pages with over a million of visitors or followers are most likely to increase their profits thanks to advertising products of other companies on their pages. At least, firms will be sure concerning a number of users, who will see an ad. Reposts are the major tool of remarketing, which can put any development into action. Microblogging is also a new term in the world of advertising, which helps to put a short message and grip the attention of millions of users at once. Hashtags can make others see an ad in the search results in a blink of an eye. Microblogging is one more trending topic, which helps the whole world to see an ad in any corner of the globe.

In case of Google, it is efficient to use a pay-per-click as long as it meets the company’s philosophy and satisfies users’ requirements. The corporation also uses e-mail advertising and AdWords technique. E-mail service does not have as much effect as search engine results; however, Google continues to grow and develop by means of all its advertising techniques. In addition, it is important for the company to adhere to the only way of generating profits rather than trying to include as much ways as possible. If the company focused on the myriad of advertising techniques too much, it is more likely to fail as long as there are always those who can be more experienced in options of development, which may seem new to Google. However, it is difficult to imagine a situation, in which the company would fail to be a primary leader. In general, Google is successful enough to focus on those services, which it provides with excellence. There is no need to switch from one service to another endangering sustainability of the company. Google has no need to create additional threats to its reputation and reliability. The company’s strategy is the most effective one, which helps to make investments, develop, extend an area of the development, and attract new partners.

Display advertising can be a very successful element of Google’s performance helping it to support its primary leadership in the selected sphere of performance. A contextual banner led to the creation of the display advertising, which helped the company to create an effective design of display advertising based on AdWords. Synchronization and incorporation of the best results have always been the Google’s peculiarity helping it to be a leader in meeting human needs. Display advertisements require creative thinking, design techniques, and innovational approach in order to make a small ad look as attractive as possible. Much text will distract users from the picture. At the same time, an image penetrated with the brightest colors will also have a negative effect on the perception of the idea. It means that Google uses a balanced approach towards design of display ads, which helps to attract users at once and send the target message to the potential customer. However, there is still a long way to go in order to create the most effective display advertising. Google is most likely to enter another stage of evolution and impress its users with new ways of providing them with information.

According to the new terms of Internet development, it is possible to extend Google’s performance and let it grow in a more global company. For example, it is necessary to focus on mobile advertising. Cell phones seem to increase their role in everyday activity of every human. It means that the number of people without cell phones continues to decrease on the daily basis. In addition, these devices can become an optimal source of information, which any user can easily access. It is possible to apply the same principles in the development of mobile phones advertising. Google can spread its activity on Android applications belonging to it. Google Play services can have a new section of advertising media products. Collaboration with social networks can also become a new source of profits by increasing Google’s partnership with famous profiles. However, these ideas need enough creativity in order not to overwhelm the Internet with ads distracting people from the information they are looking for. The nearest future will show what Google is capable of when it comes to impressing its users with the newest technological innovations in the sphere of information.

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