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Green Political Thought

Introduction Originating from local problems of minor importance, ecological threats have reached global level nowadays. They have become the agenda of any international summit or official state meeting. The discussion of environmental perspectives ...
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Health and Medicine

The healthcare sector has a variety of fields that the interested individuals can specialize in. There are areas that deal directly with the sick, while others focus on the services revolving around the sick such as admission, transportation, etc. ...
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Health Risk Associated with Sexual Addictions

Abstract The research paper analyzes the effects of sexual addiction on health. First, the paper contains the analysis of impact of the disorder on brain. Second, the connections between sexual addiction and STDs are discussed. Third, the ...
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"Rhinitis. Tips to Remember"

To provide good awareness of healthcare issues and methods to prevent serious outcomes of mostdiseases, it is necessary to ensure the readability of the provided information by using the “Formatting Checklist for Easy-To-Read Written ...
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Health Care Quality

Introduction Quality improvement (QI) is necessary for successful healthcare organizations as it plays a pivotal role in providing best healthcare services to the patients. Moreover, work improvement is considered important for success in ...
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Modern Human Anatomy

Modern Human Anatomy Human Hearing System The inner ear as an organ of hearing and balance has emerged in the first vertebrates, and since then has undergone many improvements in the process of evolution. In addition, it was gradually complemented ...
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Improving the Physical Health of Young Australians

Children and youth form the backbone of any country’s future development agenda. It is, therefore, important to ensure their health and wellbeing to empower them to fulfill their potential in life. A series of research studies conducted by the ...
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Intelligence, Memory, Motivation

Dear Tom Hadley, This time my letter is about such interesting and absorbing topics from my psychology course as intelligence, memory, and motivation. All of them concern each person, as all humans have the brain which generates intelligence, ...
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Leadership Insights from a Community-Based Learning Experience

So far, my best community-based learning experience was my volunteer work with Feed the Hungry (LMU-LA 1). Feed the Hungry or FTH is a volunteering program established by the students and faculty from the Loyola Marymount University. In fact, ...
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Memorable Clinical Experience

In the critical care area, there is a high chance of nosocomial infection such as MRSA and pneumonia. Most of the infections can spread via the healthcare workers. Even though doctors and nurses wash their hands, they may forget to clean their pens ...
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