Coming Up with New Hotel Concept

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Coming Up with New Hotel Concept

Executive Summary

The state of Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State”, is one of the most attractive states in the USA. For this reason, it is an ideal place to start a unique Eco-Resort. While analyzing the 4 As of tourism, it is evident that there are all the elements in Florida needed for tourism. Reviewing its sightseeing, Florida has both natural and man-made sites that attract tourists from all over the world, such as famous Walt Disney Resort. The state is highly accessible by land, air, and water. There are world renowned international airports, ports and numerous state of the art highways that connect different cities and attractions in Florida. There are amenities and services, such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, tour firms, and car hire services all over the state. Accommodation in Florida caters for all the guests and range from budget to luxurious seven stars hotels. The Eco-Resort will be based on the principles of sustainable development. It will comprise 60 rooms, meetings, and convention facility, two restaurants, a nightclub, a health club, swimming pool, a recycling section, staff quarters, and a hotel farm. There will be seven operational departments, namely Accounting, Human Resources, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Security, Marketing and Sales as well as Food and Beverages Department.


The 4 As of Tourism


It is the fundamental requirement necessary for any tourism activity. Due to the lack of accommodation it will be difficult to develop tourism even in the most beautiful and attractive places in the world. While choosing place of destination, the tourists take into account such supplies as food, beverages, and housing. Florida is one of the most interesting destinations for every traveler of any age. Moreover, it is a mixture of accessibility, attractions and amenities with a friendly and hospitable American atmosphere as well as delicious food and beverages. Accommodation in Florida includes variety of shapes and sizes, and it fits every taste and level of income, from budget motels to 5-star hotels. Similarly to other states in the United States, the hotels of Florida, which are mostly located in the main tourism areas are of a high standard and provide clean, large, comfortable rooms with either two queen beds or king size bed. In addition, the basic roadside motels provide decent rooms and breakfast (Washington, 2012). For example, in Orlando, tourists can book the rooms and enjoy family holidays on International Drive located within Disney theme park areas (Martin, 2012).


 It describes how easy and flawless it is for the tourists to get to the desired destination.  Florida is one of the most accessible states in the USA. It is served by different kinds of transportation options that include state roads, Interstate Highways, commuter railway services, airports, and ports. The state highways, interstates, and the United States highways ensure connectivity and accessibility to all the tourist destinations. Additionally, these highways connect to the airports and ports (Starnes, 2003).

Florida has 131 public airports with seven of them being large hub airports as classified by the FAA. These include Tampa International Airport, Miami International Airport, Palm Beach International Airport, Orland International Airport, and Jacksonville International Airport among others. The state is served by a vast network of intercity rail operated by Amtrak. The Intercity rail connects all the largest states in Florida and other cities located in the northern part of the United States and Canada (Starnes, 2003).


This particular element of the 4As considers the aspect of the environment or a destination that attracts the tourists. There are numerous tourist attractions in the state of Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State”. These include the beautiful beaches, world’s incredible theme parks, such as Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios. Moreover, there are other secret and secluded sightseeng located in the remote areas, which are also breathtaking and worth seeing. Florida has the potential to offer a variety of things to any tourist, thus creating the ideal location for the hotel. Additionally, no other state in the United States can contrast with its nature and beautiful scenery. Here below is a description of some of the best tourist attractions in Florida (Starnes, 2003).

 Walt Disney Resort

It is one of the major attractions in the United States. It is located in Lake Buena Vista Orlando, Florida. The resort is a flagship of the Disney global empire. It was opened on 1st October 1971; the resort attracts over 52 million tourists annually.  It is the world’s largest as well as most visited theme park resorts. Moreover, Walt Disney has four different theme parks, two water parks, and 99 holes of golf on different courses. There is a large area full of outdoor recreations that include swimming, biking, boating, and hiking. The resort has three separate places for dining, shopping and entertainment with a housing section, including various night clubs. There are several sporting events that are held at Walt Disney Resort on the state of the art Wide World of Sport. The resort has four main theme parks, namely Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and the Disney-MGM Studios (Starnes, 2003).

 The Magic Kingdom was the first to be constructed among the four theme parks. It has many entertainments divided into seven fantasy areas that present all the Disney characters and attractions. Among the famous sections is the Cinderella’s Castle. The Epcot was the second park to be built. It is divided into two parts, such as World Showcase, and Future World. The Future World theme is based on futuristic advances in transport, agriculture, communication, and energy. World Showcase is an ideal place for the adventurous tourists; they have a unique opportunity to explore different cultures, cuisine, and entertainment from different countries. The Disney-MGM Studies demonstrates behind the scenes for all the favorite TV Shows and Movies. The Animal Kingdom theme park is the newest and largest in the state (Martin, 2012).

Key West

It is the southernmost city in the continental United States, which is located closer to Havana than to Miami. Moreover, it is one of the largest and natural towns in Florida having grown from the valuables of shipwrecks. It has been revitalized and restored to an incredible city that attracts over one million tourists annually. The tourist attractions in Key West include the Southernmost Point, the former home of Ernest Hemingway, the Lighthouse, and numerous drinking establishments (Starnes, 2003).

The Eco-Resort will be built on the principles of sustainable development. It will have 60 rooms, meetings and convention facility, two restaurants, a nightclub, a health club, swimming pool, a recycling section, staff quarters, and a hotel farm. There will be seven operational departments, namely Accounting, Human Resources, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Security, Marketing and Sales as well as Food and Beverages Department(Starnes, 2003).

Overseas Highway

This bridge is also known as the United States Highway 1. Overseas Highway connects the mainland with the Florida Keys. It is 127.5 miles long and stretches from the Gulf of Mexico, namely from Lower Keys, and to Key West. The bridge has been featured in popular films such as Mission Impossible, True Lies and Fast Furious 2 among others.

South Beach

It is the most famous and richest section of the Miami Beach and one of the top tourist attractions in Florida. The South Beach is popular for its art deco design, hip clubs as well as the wild and fun nightlife.

Other tourist attractions in Florida include Everglades, Kennedy Space Center, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Universal Orland Resort, Amelia Island, and Castillo de San Marcos. The size and diversity of Florida ensure that it will remain the most famous vacation destination creating the ideal state for the hotel.


Amenities refer to the additional services that are provided at the destination. Since tourism is a service industry, an attractive place to visit is one that has well-facilitated services.  Florida is a state that has the best and state of the art amenities. The cities are well equipped with all the facilities and services that the tourists need during their stay.

The tourists require banking services while there are various banks in different cities of Florida providing all possible services. The prominent banks include American Momentum Bank, Florida National Bank, Premier American Bank, Bank of Florida, Ocean Bank, and Union Bank in Tallahassee among others. These banks offer services that include foreign exchange and money withdrawals.

During their stay, the tourists require tour related services and Florida has numerous tour companies. At times, the tourists intend to book tour packages when in Florida, and these companies provide corresponding services. The most famous tour companies include Miami Tour Company, Aardvark’s Florida Kayak Company, Banana Bay Tour Company, Tour Time Company, and Ultimate Florida Tours among others. The tourists who like driving themselves during their stay require car hire services. There are some of the best car hire companies Florida. There are budget rental cars that the visitors can hire to get to the surrounding places. All the major international airports provide the services ready for hire. The tourists contact these companies prior to their arrivals. The prominent car hire companies include MIA Rental Car Center among others.

There are some of the best hospitals in Florida that ensure that tourists receive the best medical care. Additionally, there are insurance companies that provide insurance covers for the tourists during their stay.

Reviewing the analysis of the 4As of tourism, it is evident that the hotel has a chance to compete with other hotels in Florida. The tourists’ numbers will steadily increase if the government deals with further improvement of tourism in the state. Regardless of the large and well-established hotels, this new hotel concept will have a substantial market share.

Hotel Concept

The hotel sector comprises a broad category of different fields within the service industry that includes transportation, lodging, theme parks, cruise line, event planning, and other sectors in the tourism industry. The hotel sector is a multibillion-dollar industry that depends on the disposable income as well as the availability of leisure time. With a perfect destination and proper management of amenities as well as infrastructure and tourist attractions, a hotel is guaranteed with a perfect environment to operate. However, the uniqueness of the concept determines its future success or failure (Garrett, 2002).


The hotel concept selected is an Eco-Resort. It is a unique, protectable, and profitable concept ensuring creation of a coherent value proposition that will maintain a distinct position in the mind of the consumers.  This particular concept differentiates the hotel from other contemporary hotels (Baker, Davis and Weaver, 2013).

The Eco-Resort will be a kind of hotel that will be based on the principles of sustainable development. It will ensure significant environmental improvements regarding its structures as a way of reducing its impact on the environment. Its operations will be environmentally responsible and will follow all the practices and procedures of green living (Conti, 2008).

The Eco-Resort will depend on the natural environment and will contribute to the environmental conservation. It will promote ecological sustainability by providing environmental training programs. The hotel will incorporate cultural considerations into its structure, services, and general operation. The hotel will primarily provide an economic return to the local community (Naditz, 2008).

The ideal state for the Eco-Resort is located in Florida near the Everglades National Park. The Park protects the unparalleled landscape that equally provides crucial habitat for different rare unique and endangered spices of animals such as the American crocodile, Florida panther among others. The area is an international nature, and Eco-Resort will supplement the region. The Everglades is a region that was formally occupied by the Native Americans; the resort will restore this rich culture due to its structures, staff uniform, and cuisine (Naditz, 2008).

Hotel Guest

The Eco-Resort will attract different types of guests who are categorized as follows.


The Eco-Resort will host tourists who are traveling for sightseeing or visiting various tourists’ attractions in the Everglades region or Florida at large. Additionally, the hotel will provide different cultural attractions for the tourists to learn about the customs, history, and the local Native Language (Cournoyer and Marshall, 1988).


The hotel will host families who are traveling on weekends, taking a short break or holiday. It will provide family packages that ensuring that both adults and children spend a good time during their visit.  Moreover, the hotel will have recreational facilities for children and adults.

The Elderly

The hotel will accommodate elderly guests who are searching a cool, calm, friendly, pleasant, and natural place (Garrett, 2002).

Business Travelers

This category of hotel guest is the largest in the travelling market. The Eco-Resort will target this market and design specific products and services that will cover their needs. The hotel will install computer services, the Internet and spacious meeting halls ensuring that these guests can still work while staying in the establishment. The hotel will provide meeting and convention facilities and mostly focus on meetings and conferences that are environmentally related (Cournoyer and Marshall, 1988).

Hotel Size

The hotel will comprise 60 rooms, meetings and convention facility, two restaurants, a nightclub, a health club, swimming pool, a recycling section, staff quarters, and a hotel farm (Garrett, 2002).

Hotel Quality

The Eco-Resort will embrace the spirit of sustainability and ensure that it provides high-quality services to its guest. In addition, over 90% of high-efficiency lighting will be installed in its hallways, lobbies, and common areas. It will ensure that the guests enjoy their stay and natural lighting in their rooms. The hotel will have a recycling program that will separate and collect recyclable material from the hotel guests. The public washrooms, as well as the guest rooms, will be installed with tap aerators and water conserving showerheads to preserve water (Naditz, 2008).

The staff will use eco-labeled products in their chores; the use of chemical pesticides and cleaning agents will be eliminated throughout the facility and its grounds. The employees will be trained and equipped with environmental awareness skills and practices in order to ensure that they champion the objectives of the hotel. It will maintain constant communication with its guests about its environmental commitment. This aim will be achieved by providing room directories and tent cards among other personal communication means. The hotel will sponsor and even directly participate in the local conservations and environmental stewardship programs in the region (Conti, 2008).  

The hotel will provide complimentary foods and beverages for its guests. It will offer alternative breakfasts, set lunch, and dinner on a daily basis. The hotel will use the best available ingredients for its meal. It will organically produce and grow much of the ingredients at the facility. The resort will produce its eggs and make many of the vinegar, jams, chutneys and other condiments. The ingredients that the hotel will not be in a position to provide will be supplied by the local farmers (Naditz, 2008).

Operational Hotel Departments

The Eco-Resort will have seven operational departments, namely Accounting, Human Resources, Front Desk, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Security, Marketing and Sales as well as Food and Beverages Department. The accounting department will handle important tasks, such as invoicing the customers, processing of payables, reconciliation of accounts, budgeting and financial reporting. It will also formulate and implement internal control procedures for all the business processes (Conti, 2008).

The housekeeping department will provide the immaculate care as well as the upkeep of all the rooms and public spaces. The maintenance department will handle maintaining and repairing of the hotel’s machinery, plants, equipment, lighting, as well as sewage and water treatment (Conti, 2008).

The front office department is the interesting attraction and nerve center of the hotel. It will book the guests, welcome them to the hotel, carry their luggage, help register them, issue room keys, answer all the queries raised by the guests and check them.  The human resources department will ensure that the hotel has skilled and qualified employees in all the departments. The security department protects the guests and staff of the hotel. It has a responsibility of securing the hotel premises and any other property in the facility. The food and beverage department will provide delightful meals and drinks to the guests. Finally, the Marketing and Sales department will ensure that the hotel receives the permanently its visitors (Conti, 2008).