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Company Analysis

Microsoft Corporation is a leading multinational technology company in America with is headquarters located in Redmond, Washington. The company mainly deals with the development, manufacturing, and licensing of computer software as well as consumer electronics. It also develops personal computers in addition to offering other technological services. Some of its best-known software includes the Microsoft Windows operating systems and the Office suite. The hardware produced by the company includes game consoles and Microsoft tablet lineups. The effectiveness of the operation since the company foundation has established it as one of the most successful entities in the world but also one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Problem Statement

Due to the rising need for technological advancement, most companies carry out an extensive research on the best development approaches. The incorporation of information and communication technology has become a major component in the majority of most successful companies. The managers support a more digitized approach to operations, which in one way or another makes the work easier and leads to good returns. As a result, both private and public companies have projects every other moment. These projects are usually aimed at improving the outlook and efficiency within the company. Therefore, the success of a project goes a long way in influencing the overall success of the company. Project managers are charged with the key responsibility of using the available technological tools and approaches in order to ensure that the new projects are successful in the long-run. However, the challenge here is that most companies lack the needed expertise to decode some of the functions in the program, hence reducing the extent of its usability.

Microsoft Project Program


To solve the project management headache experienced by most managers, Microsoft has proposed and launched a program meant to assist a project manager in developing a plan (Gladstone, 2014). The program, which is referred to as Microsoft project, assists the user in assigning resources to the various tasks within a project plan. The software was developed to help the project officers work through the project plans (Rozanski & Woods, 2005). In addition, the program enables the user to monitor the progress of the project since it offers an interface that tracks the progress. This program manages the project budget by creating an effective balance between the allocated resources and the project cost. The program also analyzes the workloads, hence providing the user with the necessary suggestions for improvement and adjustment. On the other hand, to solve the problem of usability, the company has resorted to manufacturing a user-friendly interface with easily operational parameters.

Problem Analysis

From the review of relevant literature, it has been deduced that the new projects launched by companies have failed due to lack of a clear trail, with which the progress could be monitored. Without the full view of the status of a project, it may be impossible to identify the specific areas that would require adjustment. Such aspects might lead to the imbalance in the project resource allocations, workload analysis, and budget management as well as the assignment of resources to tasks.

Since new projects occupy such a sensitive portion of the operations within a company, it is important for the managers to have and use the right tools to ensure effectiveness and success. In the problem analysis phase, the problems identified shall be viewed against the possible solutions proposed. Therefore, the Microsoft Project program offers the necessary help and guidance to the managers. From the reviews given by users, it is evident that this program has offered a solution to most of the challenges associated with project management and implementation. The program can be treated as a timely tool for the technology dominated corporate world.

However, due to the complexity of some of its functions, the product may have not gain enough marketability due to the low usability. Therefore, Microsoft works continuously on the ways of adjusting the program to improve its usability and the overall effectiveness.

Preliminary Project Feasibility Analysis

The aspect of introduction of new projects by companies remains a daily routine in the business world. In most cases, a new project always appears among the core periodic goals and objectives of the company when unveiling its strategic plan. The new projects are always meant to enhance a number of aspects within a company, for instance, service delivery, communication, production, sales and management, and so on. Due to the vital role of projects, there is an equal vital need for the efficient project management skills and approaches. This is where the Microsoft Project program comes in handy for most project managers, hence making it a viable idea.

In order to establish the feasibility of the program in question, it would be important to note the aspects of internal project constraints and internal corporate constraints as well as the external constraints. These constraints may include the budget, technology, resources, finances, marketing, laws, regulations, export, environment, logistics, and the technical aspects of the project.

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In line with the aspect of technical feasibility, one can note that Microsoft has in place the needed technical expertise to enhance the implementation of the project. The established company has resources within the organization that can meet the capacity of the project. The company has also instituted a competent technical team whose responsibility was to convert the ideas into operational systems. From the positive test results, it can be deduced that Microsoft Project was technically feasible even prior to its launching. In line with economic feasibility, the project was meant to benefit a good number of project managers across the globe. The right financial measures have been allocated for the various phases of the project to enhance project assessment and credibility. This approach is meant to enable the decision makers within the company to highlight the economic impacts that the project would have on the company and its environment. To achieve legal feasibility, Microsoft has ensured that the proposed system does not violate any legal requirements that may include social media laws and data protection laws. Additionally, a feasible project ought to be operational by taking advantage of the defined problem. The operations of the program are meant to revolve round the stated problem with the main aim of establishing a lasting solution. The operations within the company have done well in informing and guiding the designs and development of the project. To ensure operational feasibility, before launching its project, the company has ensured that it is reliable, maintainable, supportable, usable, disposable, sustainable, and affordable. Project risks can also be identified with the Microsoft project software features (UBC, n.d.). With the application of the right feasibility application, the best solutions can be utilized to support the project managers in achieving their desired objectives

Project proposal

Strategic goals Project cost

Approved project

Approved project Resource availability

(Basu, 2004).

Uses-Cases Glossary

The following use-case glossary offers a summary of the projects main objectives and operations.

Use-Case glossary

Use-Case Name

Use-Case glossary description

Participating actors and roles

Login to system

This use case describes the event of a client or an employee logging into the system using a password and username provided by the Microsoft Corporation

All system actors

Install Program

This use case describes the event of a client installing the Microsoft Project program as guided by the manufacturer

All system clients and data acquisition department.

Run Program

This use case describes the event of a client running the setup program as enabled by the manufacturer following successful installation

System Clients

Serial key entry

The use-case describes the procedures leading to the authentication of the Microsoft program enabled by entering the allocated program serial number

Program clients and the data acquisition department.

Assign tasks

This use case describes the event of a system client assigning tasks to resources as guided by Microsoft Project.

All product clients

Monitor Progress

It describes how a client can use the Microsoft program to monitor the progress of the project

All system actors

Make Budget

The use case describes the event of a system client using the Microsoft Project program to generate the project budget and suggest the possible adjustments.

System actors and data acquisition department.

Logout and security

It describes the event of a system client using the provided security options before logging out of the program in order to minimize foreign intrusion

Program clients and data acquisition department.

Use Case Model Diagram

Based on the use case glossary, the following use case model diagram has been generated. It enhances an easy understanding of the flow of operations within the organization.

Performance Financial Systems



New Project HR Systems


Fully-Documented Use Case Narrative

The narrative below gives an approach to the sequence of events that would enhance the completion of the selected use-case.

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Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Project Program

Use-case Name

Install Program request

Use Case Type

Production Requirements

Use case ID









Primary System actor

New project system administrator, Microsoft Project Program

Primary Business actor

System client

Other Participating Actors

IT Team


This use case describes the event of a client requesting to install the Microsoft Project program on their personal computers. In this case, the procedures would involve entering the serial number followed by the authentication process


The requesting party must have obtained a copy of the program prior to installation legally and appropriately. The program is accompanied with a serial key, which is a necessary requirement before installation proceeds. Before the provision of the allocated system passes, the client has limited access to the program interface.


The use case is triggered when the client inserts the storage device containing the project program set up.

Typical Course of events

Actor action

Step 1. This use case is initiated when the user inserts a storage device containing the program set up

Step 3. The client selects the install option


System Response

Step 2. The system responds by displaying a drop box with the options to install program or cancel

Step 4. The system responds by displaying an interface, where the program serial key is to be entered. after which the installation process starts

Alternative course



The system concludes that the installation process is complete; hence, the client has full access to the program interface

Post condition


Business Rules


Implementation constraints

The installation process should be accompanied with specific instructions to make the task implementation easy (Gladstone, 2014).



Open issues

Need to know whether the interface is user friendly.

Event Diagram

In this event diagram, the complex processes are broken into simpler parts, enabling the users to have a steady guideline to operations.

Event: Install Program

System Proposal

The Microsoft Company has proposed an improvement of the Microsoft Project program due to the relatively positive reviews given by the clients. The new model has improved visuals and adaptive Gantt charts (Pendoline, 2015). The need to manage the projects effectively calls for technical measures and expertise. Therefore, the program in question offers an effective interface, through which the users can interact with the progress of their projects. At the same time, the managers are in a position to assign the relevant tasks to resources and even generate a budget for their projects. With such vital information at the disposal of the users, the managers are able to come up with the relevant adjustments that would not only minimize the project cost but also ensure successful implementation of the project objectives.


The findings in this project have clearly indicated that the problems associated with project management can be solved by installing the Microsoft Project Manager. The discussions reveal a simple interface, with which the clients can easily interact in order to obtain the desired outcomes. As stated earlier, the rising need for technological advancement has pushed many companies to carry out an extensive research on the best development approaches. One of those approaches has been the incorporation of information and communication technology. The use of technology in achieving organizational objectives has become a major component in successful companies. Current managers support a more digitized approach to operations, which makes the work easier and leads to good returns. The Microsoft Project Manager is important since it assists the user in assigning resources to the various tasks within a project plan. In addition, the program enables the user to monitor the progress of the project as it offers an interface that tracks the progress after the implementation of a project. The advantages that accompany this project make it a vital project that is bound to stay marketable, sustainable, reliable, and usable for many years to come.

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