Five Components of a Social Media Campaign

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Five Components of a Social Media Campaign

A Blog Posting

Restaurant “Taste of Darkness” is an unusual restaurant, where you can eat in total darkness. This unique place is much more than an ordinary public catering, where visitors dine without light. Diners feel exactly that what blind people feel every day in their daily lives. It is a sensual experiment that awakens your feelings and allows you to completely overestimate a perception of taste and smell. “Taste of Darkness” is a peculiar social experiment that adjusts to free conversation and having fun in the pitch dark.

While having dinner in the darkness, you are escorted and serviced by the blind waiters. The staff of dark room consists of people who provide you a feeling of comfort, coziness, and holiday. Most of them are totally blind. Young boys and girls do their job and feel happy to help you get used to the dark as you are helping them in the transport and city streets in broad daylight. This is a unique experience that changes your worldview and outlook of life because you switch the roles with the blind people. Upon entering the restaurant, you will be met by friendly waiters. They escort you to the table and help to place an order, will tell about the rules of behavior in the "dark room", and will give you in the capable hands of waiters and conductors in the dark hall for dinner in the darkness.

For a couple of hours spent in total darkness, this unique opportunity allows you to focus on communicating with your counterpart, paying more attention to the meaning of words and intonations, catching the tiniest change of mood of your interlocutor. Come into the total darkness to appreciate the excellent cuisine, and a cocktail and wine list, comparing your feelings with the actual state of affairs at the exit of a dark room. While your eyes can not see anything, listen to perfectly chosen songs or enjoy live music performed by the best of blind musicians and vocalists.

Visit the restaurant “Taste of Darkness”. It offers each guest a look at the world full of new experiences, luxury, and exquisite gastronomic pleasures.

Two Facebook Postings

1. Today we offer you to plunge into a special atmosphere. We will give you the opportunity to increase the feeling of fresh taste, smell, the sense of space, and intuition. You will have dinner in absolute darkness. Try to trust suspense and skills of the chef since it is possible to recognize dishes only by the mysterious aroma. Initially, you do not know the composition of ingredients of which the dishes are prepared. Or maybe you had never eaten such meals?

In complete darkness taste, smell and touch are sharply acute. Familiar dishes and products are perceived in a completely new way. The salty and sweet taste is felt much clearer. A curious thing: a guest, ordering menu is often surprised since he/she is unable to determine whether he/she eats meat or fish? You should definitely feel everything listed below by yourself. You can go to our blog # Taste of Darkness_blog to reserve a table, get acquainted with prices, look through three types of menu. Click the link and be immersed with the unreal world where, according to Antoine Saint-Exupery, the only heart is able to see!

P.S. All profits of the restaurant # Taste of Darkness are directed on the development of the Society of the Blind People.

2. Can you imagine the feelings that you will embrace during having dinner in the total darkness? This is an unprecedented adventure for your touch, hearing, smell and taste, which guarantees 100% happy mood for you and your friends. Our baristas will introduce you a whole new world of flavors. In the first seconds, you try to assess what is happening with familiar yardsticks. The thought like "Now eyes will adjust and I'll see silhouettes of people, the outlines of the furniture, the darkness will turn into twilight ..." will flash. But it is not so! The darkness is thick, enveloping and absolute. It is better to accept this fact, and then other senses, touch, hearing, sense of space, and even time will gradually escalate. After first ten minutes in total darkness you start to feel all around, your partner. Then, calming, relaxing. Girls did not smooth their hair every minute. Calmly talk. And here is where the fun begins ...Try to assemble a constructor, add up the pyramid, girls may make makeup with cosmetics probes in complete darkness. Although there is flatware, you can eat with your hands. You can even break a couple of glasses and do not pay money for them. Nobody can see you, so have fun! Read customer reviews of people who have already plunged into total darkness in our blog # Taste of Darkness_blog.

P. S. And yet ... you're bound to hand over all the glowing items into a black bag of our baristas, so nothing will interrupt our amusement! (Facebook).

Four Tweets for Twitter

1. Close your eyes and open your heart! You should definitely visit # Taste of Darkness to appreciate more the ability to see the world!

2. Give your friend an unforgettable experience as a present for birthday! Buy a gift certificate for dinner for two at # Taste of Darkness!

3. Visiting the restaurant # Taste of Darkness! It is a vaccination against debilitating stress in daily life! Learn more at our blog # Taste of Darkness_blog

4. Be the first who will win a discount card for # Taste of Darkness! Check out Facebook Taste of Darkness to be our first winner! (Twitter).

Two Emails to Send out to Customers

1. Dear “Name of the Customer”!

For several months our chef has been developing a special menu that emphasizes the taste of the dishes. We are happy to inform you that since August, 1 we are offering three kinds of newly updated menu:

Red Menu: Meals consisting of various kinds of meat and vegetables.

Green Menu: Vegetarian dishes.

Blue Menu: Dishes consisting of fish, seafood, and vegetables.

We are happy to see your “ok”, for the invitation to our restaurant # Taste of Darkness to be one of the first guests who will taste and evaluate efforts of our chef in the total darkness. This is our main intrigue. We want to present you a wonderful dinner in the dark. You will not see your specialties, all happens "in the dark" and what is on the plate can be determined only by the taste.

Time "in the dark" will fly by. After a long forced blindness, the world presents itself with unrealistically bright colors, which are accompanied by the live performance of artists.

You will remember this evening for a long time and tell others about such a memorable evening!

P. S. Seats are limited. Sale of tickets ends the day before the event.

2. Dear “Name of the Customer”!

I am Marina Rassmysen, chef or the restaurant # Taste of Darkness and I just found out something that will be very interesting for you. Take a look...

For three years, we have been organizing unforgettable events for our customers, and many families with pleasure and gratitude remember nights prepared and carried out with our help. We guarantee high-quality service at reasonable prices.

We would like to see your family has joined the list of our customers. Absolutely nothing will be required from you. We have everything - from the waiters to the knives and forks. We want you to come and experience # Taste of Darkness with us.

P.S. Please, tell us the date on which you would like to reserve a table. You can learn the details of the organization of the evening and get more information at our blog # Taste of Darkness_blog.

An Outline/Story Board for a Video to be Posted on Youtube

A viewer sees the entrance to the restaurant.

A monk-conductor, staying near the door, offers you to pass the "path of the city."

Two meters of the floor are lined with stone blocks, sewer manhole and parts of tramways.

The monk puts on a bandage on the customer’s eyes, gives him a white cane, picks up a telephone and lighting and puts them into the safe.

A customer and a monk go through three rooms recorded by the light-sensitive camera.

Monk helps the customer to find a place and sit down.

There is a dim light.

Romantic music sounds. One can hear the sound of the plane, the rain, the sea.

When a customer raises his hand, the worker on reception tells by the radio the waiter to come to the table.

The girl comes to the table and sits down.

With the help of the waiter, she places the order.

For several seconds, they are keeping silence, and then start to talk.

The waiter gives them meals.

They try to eat with flatware and then use their hands.

Inscription which says “no matter how you look” appears.

And then “real love is blind”. (Youtube).