Recruiting and Selecting High-Leveled Managers through the Internet

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Recruiting and Selecting High-Leveled Managers through the Internet


In the today’s digital era, the Internet and social media have been widely used to perform recruitment and selection activities. Although there is a variety of tools and methods available to facilitate the aforementioned business processes by integrating the Internet technology, it is sometimes challenging for organizations to design efficient Internet recruitment and selection strategies that would help them to identify the most qualified and skilled employees. Based on Jackson Hotels case, this paper presents the advantages and disadvantages of using Internet technologies for recruitment and selection, chooses the most appropriate approaches to online recruitment, defines pre-screening methods, and identifies the information to be provided to potential candidates.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment is defined as the usage of an organization’s resources efficiently and effectively to find the right people for a company. Various firms employ different techniques and assets to conduct recruitment. One of the biggest challenges employers face while recruiting is finding the right ‘cultural fit’ for an organization. The processes of recruitment and selection are diverse, starting from the designing of job postings and ending with the selection of suitable employees.

Internet recruitment enhanced the recruitment and selection processes because a large amount of materials can be posted online about, including information about a company’s corporate culture, its requirements, and skills needed. By reading a job posting, an interested employee can judge for himself/herself whether or not he/she is the right ‘fit’ for an organization (Gully, Phillips, Castellano, Han, & Kim, 2013). Potential candidates from different parts of the world can apply for a job if the advertisement is posted online. Besides, Internet recruiting is a cost-effective method, and a company will not have to approach all applicants individually. Moreover, recruiting through word of mouth also calls for favoritism by present employees. If the process is online, all candidates have equal opportunities, and diversity is encouraged. However, there is no guarantee that only potential candidates will apply for a job. A company may receive many curriculum vitae, and finding the candidates that are deserving of a job may be a hectic procedure for a company.

In order to reduce the disadvantages of Internet recruiting, the company should publish job postings on the forums where it expects to find candidates matching its job profiles. Once candidates have applied, the company should utilize filters to create a list of the most qualified candidates. A filter, for example, can be used to create a list of only those candidates who provided their documents as attachments. Such an approach would reduce the organization’s efforts resulting from the data overload.

Approach to Online Recruiting and Selection

For a small company like Jackson Hotels, the most appropriate approach is to make a post about job vacancies on their website. This will ensure that potential future employees read them and learn more about the organization. It will also help advertise the firm since more people will visit the website in search of jobs. In addition, the company should embrace social media to improve its HR practices. Moreover, the site should be linked with Facebook and Twitter feeds to make it easier for prospective candidates to search and apply for the job. Facebook and Twitter are useful platforms for online recruitment because of their diverse user base. LinkedIn can also be used to connect directly with corporate influencers, to analyze competitors, to promote business-related content, and to view profiles of potential candidates.

Prescreening Hurdles

The prescreening hurdles that I would impose as part of the Internet recruitment process to qualify a small number of truly qualified applicants are age, experience, years and level of study, and the country of residence. The aforementioned factors are important to consider while undergoing the recruitment and selection processes for high-level managers. Managerial work is a leadership’s task, and the skills that managers need include the ability to communicate and delegate while respecting individuals and fostering team development (Hall & Rowland, 2016).

Age is an important factor to consider as a hurdle in the process or recruitment because the position of high-level managers requires people to have relevant experience in the field, which usually comes with age. This variable can also be used to predict the education level of a potential employee. Education and experience may define if a candidate is capable of doing the job and how well he/she will be able to perform assigned tasks. The age factor can be used to identify the candidates who are about to cross the retirement age, and who, consequently, may not be useful for the organization that is looking for candidates who would work for a longer period. The country of residence is also an important factor to be considered since it allows to ensure that a candidate has a work permit. The visa process is a tedious and an expensive process which the company might have to undergo if it recruits people from other parts of the world, especially from developing countries.

Identifying the Qualified Candidates

To identify the most qualified applicants, Jackson Hotels should place job advertisements that stipulate all the necessary requirements. These advertisements should offer a general overview of the company and provide job descriptions. Besides, advertisements should clearly detail the qualifications and experiences required for the job.

When a sufficient number of people have applied, the following step should be screening, which would allow to select only the appropriate candidates based on their qualifications and experiences (Davison, Maraist, Hamilton, & Bing, 2012). Online tests are an effective method in this case. After online tests, short-listed candidates should be interviewed by means of video conferencing, and only those who pass all the aforementioned stages should be called for a physical interview, which would lead to the final stage of the recruiting process, namely selection.


The process of the identification of suitable candidates while relying on the online recruitment and selection methods has certain advantages and disadvantages. Appropriate online recruitment strategies could help Jackson Hotels save considerable amounts of resources to find the right candidates. To achieve its goals, the company must develop an efficient recruitment plan, compose informative job advertisements, devise appropriate online tests, and prepare relevant interview questions.

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