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Diversity in Semi-Government Institutions

Abstract Diversity in the practice of human resource management (HRM) which leads to excellence in organizational performance is both goal and challenge for semi-governmental organizations. It still raises tension and discussion but serves as an ...
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Dubai Archiving Center Policy and Procedures

Introduction The Dubai Archiving Center is one of the institutions that seeks to preserve various archives within the United Arabs Emirates (UAE) to serve researchers and those cherishing heritage across the world. Over the past years, many ...
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E-Business Plan and Strategy

Executive Summary will be an interactive online site that will provide an online marketplace for all the technological gaps that exist in the fields of electrical equipment and any other thing involved. The company will also assist in ...
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Equal Pay for Women

Since the ancient times, women have had unequal starting opportunities. They have not been equally paid for the same work compared with men. The existence of the patriarchal views has greatly stimulated a vigorous activity of women. The existing ...
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Evaluating the Environmental Implications of the Puget Sound Energy Project

Introduction With technological advancement, numerous projects have been set up to make the lives of people living in different cities better. It should be noted that such innovations have the potential to transform the world. However, it is ...
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Thesis The play Everyman was written and distributed in the year 1508. It touches on the last moments of everyman, while living on earth. It shows in detail the futile efforts that every person makes in order to secure his life from death. The play ...
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Field Agent Research

Introduction A field agent is a person who works for a business establishment in the field as opposed to working at the office or headquarters. Such a person can either function alone or work collectively with a group of persons under the ...
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Heathrow Airport

Abstract The document contains information about the Terminal 2 project and its management as well as the decision to redevelop Terminal 2 as part of the BAA strategic plan. It also comprises a detailed academic analysis of the program of ...
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HR Policies and Practices Within Samsung

Companies today encounter strong competition in any market as the business world continues to receive an influx of new entrants. One of the effective methods that have been deployed in response is the recruitment of the right employees in terms of ...
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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) PR Campaign

Organisation Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) PR campaign is the act intended to develop awareness among people regarding the dangers associated with this ailment and ways of averting it. Due to the fact that the majority do not know about ...
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