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The “Rush Hour” Film Critique

Race is a socially built notion whose implication has developed intensely with time and differs across various cultures globally. Cultural subgroups are depicted as the mainstream in the movie Rush Hour by Brett Ratner, and each subgroup forms a ...
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Machines captivate humans: Rhetorical Strategies in Tufekci’s “The Machines Are Coming”

The idea that the machines are coming to capture the modern society and substitute humans in their workplace is supported by numerous social analysts, journalists, and technologists all over the world. One of the proponents of this view is Zeynep ...
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The Romantics’ Relationship with Nature Contrasted with the Panther Poem

Correlation between the literature of the Romantic era and creative heritage of Rainer Maria Rilke remains the subject of debate. Traditionally, literature critics recognize Rilke as a modernist; however, some of the leading motifs of his early ...
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Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution

Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution is a book written in 2014 by Laurie Penny, a British journalist and author as well as a political activist. The book critically looks into neo-liberalism and capitalism while considering gender politics ...
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Up from Slavery

Part One             Washington T Booker was one of the most significant leaders of the African Americans in the period of 1890 to 1915. His efforts towards emancipation of black people through ...
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A Year in the South, 1865

Introduction The onset of civil war directly affects and triggers many changes in the livelihood of people. Despite some positive results, civil war is characterized by the hardships and challenges that it brings to the people after its end. In ...
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