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Violence against Women Free Essay

Whereas some of the nations have started to revise the females’ role in the society as well as provided them with the basic legal guarantees, the others still cannot face the problem of violence against women and provide a competent and appropriate response to it. Obviously, there are the reasons that prevent them from adopting a more humanistic approach towards understanding the gender roles and importance of recognizing gender equality. The report under consideration will focus on the topic of cruelty against females outlined through the discussion of the multimedia project presented as well as the one in which I have personally participated. It will also indicate which of the practices or programs should be implemented to effectively address the issue in question.

The multimedia project demonstrated to us focused on the general topic of violence against females in the context of the UAE as the Middle East country. It was rather enriching to consider and reassess the role of religious and social dogmas in re-enforcing gender inequality and justification of cruelty against women. The project has also contributed to better comprehension of the latter in the UAE, its features and the ways that could be used for dealing with that issue. Obviously, the agents of changes have to focus on changing of perspectives and perceptions of the hone violence in particular and ruthlessness towards women in general in terms of the entire state.

It should be stressed that there are many policies, programs and projects supported by various organizations and donors that aim at combatting violence against females. In my opinion, the backbone of success of the aforementioned refers to understanding the pillars of social change. Bearing in mind this knowledge, the creators of programs should work with all the stakeholders, invaliding the females suffering from cruelty, those who exercise it, indifferent population etc. The projects should empower women to raise the voices and report their problems. On the other hand, these strategies should secure females from the possible consequences of their performance and, thus, focus on providing them with the opportunities for personal and professional growth. Moreover, such strategies should limit the influence of violators and those who are indifferent to the topic under consideration. The plan has demonstrated completion of the first task only. Therefore, there is definitely a room for further progress and development.

The project that I was assigned to focused primarily on spreading of the information regarding violence against females in the countries of South Africa. The aim was to raise the awareness of this problem and to urge people to act in order to ensure that fierceness will not occur in their neighborhoods. There was a number of influential speakers and opinion leaders who shared their own experiences, talked about the policies that were to be adopted, focused on the strategic solutions of the issues etc. In other words, we tried to create the discourse in relation to this matter and force the society to reconsider its views on violence against females as not only the concern for women but for males too. To some extent, the aim of the project as well as activities that were undertaken to reach the goal correspond to the principles formulated in the Convention on the Elimination of all types of Discrimination against Women (UN CEDAW), which specifically provides for incorporation of gender equality and prevention of cruelty against females. Thus, it might be inferred that it has been reflected in the plan (UN Women, 2016).

The project under consideration has contributed a lot to my professional development, building the competencies pertinent to the human rights activists as well as understanding of brute force against women. My role provided for delivering speeches and lectures on the subject in the countries of South Africa. During the lectures, I had the opportunity to meet various people including oppressors, victims of violence and those who succeeded in their fights against cruelty. All of that shaped my views on the concept of fierceness and urgency of the adoption of policies as well as international mechanisms that will prevent the inhuman attitude from occurring. Moreover, I have learned that ruthlessness does not disappear; once the person experienced it, eventually he/she will definitely repeat the same actions again. Especially it applies to children who have encountered ferocity during their childhood. Such memories might cause severe psychological traumas affecting the entire lives and personal relations (Kahn, Holmes, Farley, & Kim-Spoon, 2015; Karakurt & Silver, 2014).

In conclusion, the multimedia project provided to us has expanded the understanding of the global context of violence against females as well as local peculiarities of the UAE society. Moreover, it allows us to suggest that the effective programs aiming at combatting cruelty against women should focus on the systematic approach towards the problem and try to address the issue thoughtfully. Of course, it will require cooperation of different forces including NGOs, the government, human rights activists etc. Yet, all of the latter will make the sustainable and long-standing change.

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