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Human resource (HR)

Executive Summary

If any organization wants to be effective, it must have a team of individuals who are involved in the day-to-day operations. Human resource (HR) department have the capacity of ensuring that people with the required knowledge, experience and skills are employed to operate in specific positions. The main human resources functions come to recruitment, safety, employee relation, trading and development, compliance, and finally, compensation and benefits. The plan of dealing with Johns grievance relates to advising him on the matters concerning acceptable work ethics.

It is important for the HR department to deal with the Mikes problem at the organizational level in order to avoid the intervention of the labor union, which would have negatively influence on the reputation of the organization. Labor union is an essential institution that ensures that the rights of workers are observed by the employers. The main importance of technology upgrade is improving work efficiency as well as the communication process in the organization. The main impact of technology on the headquarters in England is connected with improving the quality of services offered to the clients as well as bettering the customer service. The process of employing the additional workers will lead to the increase of operation costs by about $1200 every month. Similarly, the process of upgrading technology requires additional cost amounting to $15000.

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Considering the fact that the every organization has various departments, the human resource (HR) management must guarantee that individuals with the appropriate knowledge and skills are hired. In order to ensure that only qualified individuals are employed in the organization, the HR department must outline the qualifications that an applicant must satisfy to be employed in a particular department. The HR department should also undertake a routine evaluation to identify areas that require new employees. Besides, the HR department has the duty to guarantee that the issues related to employees are addressed in the right way, which would increase the work efficiency and the quality of services offered to the clients.


Human Resource Functions

HR department makes a key contribution to ensuring that the institution meets all the set goals. The major human resource tasks include recruitment, safety, employee relation, trading and development, compliance and compensation as well as benefits (Bratton & Gold, 2012).

Firstly, the main function of HR department is recruitment and placement of employees in the enterprise. Recruitment involves identifying vacant positions that require being filled. In order to ensure that the HR department recruits the proper individual in the organization, the human resource personnel advertise the vacant position where they specify the qualification that the applicants must have to qualify for particular positions. The qualification relates to the skills, knowledge, and experience (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The candidates who seek to apply for the vacancy in organization send their applications to the HR department. After a thorough evaluation of all application, the human resource personnel invite the most suitable candidate for the interview. The main intention of undertaking the interview is assessing the capacity and experience of the candidate in the areas important for the position. The candidates who score the highest marks in the interview are considered qualified for performing the work.

Employees relation is another important function of HR department in the organization. Workers of the company must have a good relationship with the management team to provide the work efficiency. If any problem affecting the employees occurs, HR management can get involved and ensure that the most suitable solution is realized (Bratton & Gold, 2012). When employees are working in a favorable environment, they feel motivated to work hard towards achieving the organization goals. The HR departments always introduce employees benefits, for example, promotion, to motivate workers to increase work efficiency and productivity in all areas of the organization.


Employees make an important contribution to the growth and development of the organization. Thus, there is a need for the enterprise to guarantee their safety, and thus, productivity (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). If the employees get injured when on duty, the management team has the obligation to check if everyone received appropriate medical attention. The employees should also be compensated for the injuries. Besides, the HR department must organize a medical cover for all employees to ensure that they all received the quality health care services in case they got sick.

Trading and Development

For employees to effectively undertake different tasks in the organization, they must be aware of its goals and visions and be thoroughly prepared through training, which is very important because it equips the employees with the required tools to attain success in the company (Bratton & Gold, 2012). Employees should be taught about the leadership styles as well as the daily operations of the organization. On the one hand, training to perform the regular operations aids to improve their skills and experience. On the other hand, training on leadership styles helps the employees in adopting the right style of leadership, which guarantees that the opinions of people are considered during decision making process.

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Compliance relates to the employment law and means that the organization does not get involved in unfair practices. Basically, through compliance, the HR department ensures safe working condition. The organization always guarantees that it complies with all labor laws to ensure that the rights of workers are respected.

Plan to Address Johns Grievance

The plan of dealing with Johns grievance is about advising him on the matters concerning acceptable work ethics. It is important for all employees, particularly those in leadership position, to observe work ethics, which guarantees that all employees work within the acceptable organizational standards.

In order to make sure that John does not repeat the action of uploading confidential information to the social sites, I will instruct him on the importance of following the acceptable communication channel in the organization. I intend to ask John to always report any matters of concern to the administration for appropriate action to be taken. This will help in reducing friction among the employees.

Regarding Mike and Johns issue, it is important to acknowledge that publishing information from earlier discussion by John raises a serious problem which affects work efficiency. The information from the discussion between the employees and the management official should be confidential (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). By uploading it to the social sites, John is creating an unauthorized individual access to confidential information. Due to the fact that Mike is unhappy about the issue, it is clear that there is an imminent conflict between the two workers. The conflict can affect coordination, which would, in turn, negatively influence the work efficiency in the organization; and inefficiency in the work place lowers the quality of services offered to the clients.

There is a serious dilemma about the decision of considering John for a position in England in the next three months. Johns action that affects the relationship between the employees and the management team, raises the question on whether John would be the right candidate for a position in England. To ensure that John takes the position in England and Mike gets a promotion, there is a need to address the issue involving both workers. The best method of dealing with the issue is through reconciliation (Bratton & Gold, 2012). Thus, the two employees need to be brought together with the purpose to resolve the case in the right manner.

John has worked in the organization for a lengthy period and has a great experience to drive the organization to the next level. Therefore, it is crucial to consider John for the position in England. Additionally, promoting Mike is also important in order to create new vacancies to hire additional employees. These new workers will help in providing the higher productivity in the organization. The process of employing the additional employees will lead to the increase of costs of operation by about $1200 every month.

Labor Unions

Labor union plays an important role in ensuring that the rights of employees are observed by the management. The main reason why the workers form a labor union is to increase their bargaining power when they are negotiating with the employers to ensure their concerns are resolved. In the labor union, all members have a common interest (Chen, Kacperczyk & Ortiz-Molina, 2011). Thus, any individual employee can seek for help from the labor union.

In the case of Mike and John, Mike has made his intention clear that he would seek the help of labor union in case the HR department does not address the issue within 72 hours. Considering the fact that Mike is an employer, it would be expected that he would get the required help of the labor union because of being its member (Chen, Kacperczyk & Ortiz-Molina, 2011). Therefore, the HR department needs to deal with the Mikes issue at the organizational level with the purpose to avoid the intervention of the labor union, which would negatively affect the reputation of the enterprise.

Technology Upgrade

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Medical facilities are involved in many tasks; hence, different clients get the required medical services. Most medical facilities have increased the number of clients every day. As a result, increased number of the client requires the improvement of work efficiency to provide all clients with the necessary services (Voudouris et al., 2012). To supplement the work of the employees, machines are used; this assists in improving the work efficiency as well as timely completion of various medical tasks.

With the increase in some diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, affecting people in the world today, the demand for medical services has also grown. In order to meet this demand, there is a need for a technological upgrade in the organization.

The main aim of technology upgrade is to enhance the communication process in the organization. Effective communication is important in promoting coordination among the stakeholders in the organization, and hence, in improving work efficiency and ensuring that the clients get high-quality services in every department (Voudouris et al., 2012).

The other need of technology upgrade is connected with the reduction of cost of operation. By upgrading the level of technology used in the organization, the high efficient machine will replace some people undertaking a particular task (Voudouris et al., 2012). Thus, advanced technology will help in reducing the operational cost due to the less number of employees. Additionally, better efficiency due to the utilization of advanced technology will assist in reducing wastage, which in turn, will help in shortening operational cost. However, the process of upgrading technology requires additional cost amounting to $15000.

Impact of the Technology on the Headquarters in England

The main impact of technology on the headquarters in England is related to improving the quality of services offered to the clients along with enhancing the customer service. By employing the latest technology, workers in different departments will be efficient due to avoiding errors. Better efficiency in various operations will aid in improving the quality of services offered to the clients.

Furthermore, customer services are crucial for the growth and development of the enterprise because they deal with the issues concerning all clients. By improving the level of technology used at the headquarters in England, the management team can provide better communication between the organization and the clients. This will help to deal of with the issues affecting the clients more quickly.

Global View and Future Trends

The global view of the organization leadership focuses on improving the quality of services to deal with the emerging needs of the clients. This view is essential because it ensures that all the needs of customers are regarded by the organization. The future trend involves changing needs of the customers. Thus, by taking care of all emerging needs of the clients, the organization will attain a competitive edge over other similar organizations.

In conclusion, it is important for the HR department to deal with the issues affecting the employees instead of waiting for the labor union to intervene. The intervention of the labor union would negatively affect the reputation of the enterprise. The organization needs to upgrade technology used in the organization, particularly to enhance communication as well as work efficiency and reduce the cost of operation.

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