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Privacy with the Use of the Email Services

Introduction All that is written is not private regardless of the fact that it is never even e-mailed or published. The information printed, scanned, or dictated is liable to be read by unknown persons. Information on the PC can be accessed locally ...
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Rosetta Spacecraft Mission

Abstract This paper is devoted to the discussion of the comet mission of Rosetta spacecraft. Rosetta is a space probe that was launched in 2004 by ESA. On its board, Rosetta had a lander Philae. The aim of the mission was to conduct a detailed ...
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Separation of Powers

The framers of the US Constitution established three arms of governments that were meant to promote democracy and protect freedom by ensuring that none of the three became too powerful. The framers had witnessed the tyranny in many of the European ...
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The Solar-Powered iPhone

Proposal: The Solar-powered iPhone would contain capabilities to charge both using the mains electricity and off the grid charging. With a solar cell built into the back case of the device, it could charge to full capacity within 12 hours of ...
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Use of Artificial Intelligence in Decision Support Systems

Abstract This paper researches the way the artificial intelligence is built and how it is applied in the process of decision support systems’ functioning. A profound approach is used to depict the method of the artificial intelligence ...
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Virtualization Virtualization is a software technology that enables entities to run multiple operating systems (OSs) and applications on the same server simultaneously (VMWare, 2016). The technology is continuously transforming the IT environment ...
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