List of Bad College Essays Topics

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When applying to a college, it is essential to choose a good topic for your paper. Certainly, if you are a talented writer, you will able to create impressive papers on one of the bad essay topics presented below. Otherwise, a poor topic may result in failure.

Using Drugs

Everyone probably has heard about the cases of taking drugs by the students living on college campuses. The professors working at different colleges have seen how many students abandoned their academic careers because of taking drugs. If you have encountered any problems with drugs, you should not write about it in your paper. Such a topic will hardly bring you success.


Sexual Relations

Bear in mind that the members of the admission committee are not interested in your sex life. A paper produced on such a topic may irritate the board or make them feel embarrassed. The point is that such a subject presupposes providing too personal information. Therefore, this is definitely a bad essay topic.

Your Courage

This subject can be considered an appropriate one for writing an admission paper in case you have indeed demonstrated great bravery. However, if you just want to boast, your efforts will result in a bad essay. The admission officers have read hundreds of papers about how the most courageous applicants have scored a winning goal or something like that. Try to be modest when composing your essay.

Religious or Social Issues

Be attentive when writing papers on such subjects as abortion, death penalty, religion and alike. It does mean that it is impossible to create a superior college admissions essay about one of the mentioned issues. Still, it often happens that applicants present their viewpoint about the matter under consideration as the only possible. It is necessary to realize that readers have their own opinion about different issues and they want others to respect it. You should be rather delicate when exploring such topics, as you may offend someone though unintentionally.

Poor Me!

Composing different pieces of writing is a great therapeutic tool for those who have faced such terrible issues as rape, depression, abuse, etc. Nevertheless, turning your college admissions essay into a work presenting the analysis of one’s self is not a good idea. Try to understand that such subjects may make the readers feel distressing. Moreover, the committee may doubt whether you are ready to become the part of a college community.


It goes without saying that any educational establishment welcomes applicants who have travelled a lot. Travelling helps applicants gain invaluable experience and broaden their outlook on different issues what in its turn promotes writing an outstanding college essay. The problem is that travelling is rather an ordinary subject for creating an application paper. Moreover, students are often unable to compose a compelling paper showing what they have learnt while travelling. They just list the places which they have visited.

Funny Stories

There is nothing wrong with describing some humorous situations when writing your college essays. However, the very joke you are telling should not be the main idea of your work. An application paper is not supposed to show how amusing you are. A solid piece of writing should demonstrate your strong points, interest and remarkable abilities.

Boring Explanations

You should resist the temptation to write your essay about how complicated the last year at your high school was. It is understandable that you may have had hard times, but your paper is not suitable for talking about your problems. In order to avoid such bad essay topics as this one, you should consult with your tutor about how to present information about the issues you have experienced at high school in your work.

Your Achievements

When applying to a college, you will provide data about your social activities, jobs, etc., in your resume. Thus, there is no need to impart the same facts in your application paper. The admission committee will not find such a piece of writing interesting.

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