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Aboriginal Australians and Diabetes

Introduction In Australia, diabetes is a serious public health issue. Statistics shows that about 700,000 Australians have diabetes, and more than 50 percent of them are not aware that they have this disease (Shaw & Tanamas 2012). The ...
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Resident Rights and Nurses Ethics in the Australian Nursing Home

Introduction The current research paper provides the discussion of one of the major issues of the Australian nursing homes. This issue is connected in the unethical treatment by nurses of aged patients. All the information and data is taken from ...
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Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services

A Critique: A Comprehensive Hospital-Based Intervention to Reduce Readmissions For Chronically Ill Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial by Linden Ariel, and Butterworth Susan White. Introduction Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) ...
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Critique a Quantitative Nursing Research

The purpose of this paper is to critique a nursing research article so as to be able to identify the merits and the flaws in that particular research. By critiquing the research article, nursing students will better understand the requirements in ...
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Evaluating Policy and Practice in Healthcare

The government of the United Kingdom has created different health systems that share the same objectives. Significantly, devolution has had remarkable impact in the history of the National Health Service. Since then, England has given priority to ...
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Green Political Thought

Introduction Originating from local problems of minor importance, ecological threats have reached global level nowadays. They have become the agenda of any international summit or official state meeting. The discussion of environmental perspectives ...
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Health and Medicine

The healthcare sector has a variety of fields that the interested individuals can specialize in. There are areas that deal directly with the sick, while others focus on the services revolving around the sick such as admission, transportation, etc. ...
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Health Risk Associated with Sexual Addictions

Abstract The research paper analyzes the effects of sexual addiction on health. First, the paper contains the analysis of impact of the disorder on brain. Second, the connections between sexual addiction and STDs are discussed. Third, the ...
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"Rhinitis. Tips to Remember"

To provide good awareness of healthcare issues and methods to prevent serious outcomes of mostdiseases, it is necessary to ensure the readability of the provided information by using the “Formatting Checklist for Easy-To-Read Written ...
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Health Care Quality

Introduction Quality improvement (QI) is necessary for successful healthcare organizations as it plays a pivotal role in providing best healthcare services to the patients. Moreover, work improvement is considered important for success in ...
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