Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Buy-Custom-Writings.com

Submitting a Refund Application

1. Our customers have the right to ask for a refund within the first two weeks after order expiration. Refund requests due to plagiarism can be submitted at any time. However, customers must submit a credible plagiarism report to prove his or her claims.

2. All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

*Credible plagiarism reports are provided via Turnitin, iThenticate, and WriteCheck. Any quotes that are properly formatted, cited and referenced are not considered as plagiarism. Tables of contents, questions provided by the customer, and properly cited references are not included in plagiarism count. SafeAssign.com is not a reliable source of plagiarism reports. Handwritten plagiarism reports will not be accepted.

2. If customers place an order to continue the paper they have written on their own, our writers will not assume responsibility for any plagiarism found in your part of work. We will check only the part completed by our writers.

3. If customers are not satisfied with completed papers, their responsibility is to submit a claim to our Refund Department, which will investigate the issue and make a decision. If customers' claims are found to be reasonable, a partial or full refund will be initiated. Customers should expect to receive the final decision within 3-4 days.


4. Our customers can request a free revision within the first 48 hours after the order expiration. After this time period, customers will have to place a new order to have their papers revise. The writer can agree to revise the paper for free, but such papers will not be eligible for any refunds.

5. Free revisions are available for papers that are 20 pages or longer. Such revision requests can be submitted within 30 days after the order expires.

6. If the instructions for the revision are different from those provided originally, customers become ineligible for a free revision. Also customers cannot request a free revision if they fail to submit all needed materials on time.

7. Customers who want to request a free revision should determine the deadline for their paper and send their explicit revision comments to the writer. If the instructions are particularly complicated, the writer may need up to 24 hours to complete the revision. We will do everything we can to finish it sooner.

8. Customers are responsible for monitoring their mails and profile. They may receive notifications from the company and emails from the writer. Customers are also responsible for providing all order materials at once. Unfortunately, many customers still forget to upload all necessary files when placing their orders.

9. Our customers can also use our Extended Revision option, which will add 30% to the price of the order. It means that revisions will be free during the first 14 days following the deadline. Yet, again, the revision instructions should not differ from the original ones. We will not refund the sum paid for the extended revision option, if you do not use it within the requested timeframe.

A Full Refund

10. Our customers can request a full refund if they have placed a double order but did not intend to do it. If that is the case, it is customers' responsibility to contact our support and notify them about the problem.

11. Our customers receive a full refund if we fail to find a competent writer for their papers.

12. If a full refund is provided, the customer cannot use any materials or orders that were developed by our company.

A Partial Refund

13. Customers can ask for a partial refund if they have failed to place an order with the required number pages. Our support will recalculate the price, based on the required word count.

14. Customers who fail to select the needed level of complexity in writing may face difficulties requesting a refund, since its amount will be recalculated by our Refund Department.

15. Customers who place orders with contradictory instructions will also have the percentage of their refund recalculated. This is possible if the instructions attached to the order are different from the ones sent by the customer in his or her messages.

16. Cancelling the order, if the writer was assigned:

Refund percentage Passed deadline
100% 10-19% of the deadline
90% 20-29% of the deadline
80% 30-39% of the deadline
70% 40-49% of the deadline
60% 50-59% of the deadline
50% 60%+ of the deadline

*Customers cannot request cancellation, when only 30 percent of the deadline is left and we have already assigned a writer to work on it. If the writer has finished and uploaded the paper, order cancellation is not possible.


Late Verification

17. When it comes to order verification, customers often do not respond to the queries sent by our Financial Department. However, it is essential that the financial details of every customer be verified. In case of late verification, we will have to extend the deadline or request compensation for urgency.

Word Count Issues

18. We count the number of pages based on the number of words per page. Customers can expect to have approximately 300 words per page. These standards will vary for unique or complicated orders, such as technical papers that are full of calculations. In these cases, the price of the order will be calculated manually.

19. In PowerPoint presentations, speaker notes require additional payment. Customers must include this option in their order, when placing it. We will be happy to include 100-150 words per each slide.

20. The cost of online tests will be calculated according to the number of questions included in them. It means that 5 questions will be equal to one page of essay writing. Thus, if your multiple-choice test has 10 questions, you will have to order 2 pages.


21. We can deliver the order earlier, but only if respective compensation is provided. If you need your paper earlier, we will recalculate its cost. If the writer agrees to finish the paper without any compensation, our customers will not be eligible for any future refunds.

22. If the order is past due without any reason, our company will recalculate its cost and administer a partial refund. A refund will be calculated and administered according to our pricing strategy.

Order Type

23. Customers must select the required type of order when placing it. Do not choose case study if you need an essay or a coursework. Otherwise, we may not be able to issue a refund in the future.

24. For the customers who place rewriting orders, writers will simply paraphrase and reword the original text. If additional work is needed such as adding new sources or restructuring the paper, compensation will have to be provided.

25. We strongly suggest that customers review their emails and profiles regularly. Quality communication will have great effects on the academic results of our work.