Privacy Policy

Great Policy for Protecting Customer Privacy

We would like to express our appreciation to you for taking time to browse our company’s website and learning about our writing services. does everything in its power to ensure the personal data of our clients is safeguarded against loss, misuse, theft, and various scams. The primary goal of our administration team is ensuring the safekeeping and security of all personal information. If you would like to know what data we gather, why we gather it, and how our company uses it, please keep reading.

For the purpose of effective cooperation, we need certain data about those who visit/use our writing service’s website. This data broadly covers time of website access, customer’s browser type, and operating system type.

Gathering information of this type does not put the customer at risk of having their identity revealed. Neither do we share this data with any third parties, sell, distribute or publish it. We gather it solely for the purposes of:

  • Tweaking, customizing, and improving the content on our site
  • Enhancing the way this content is structured, presented, and laid out.

Cookie Usage uses cookies to:

  • Improve the functionality of our site and make it more user-friendly;  
  • Gather data about web traffic, usage frequency, and other useful statistics.           

Personal Data – Collection Of

When a customer visits our site and wants to use our services, they will first need to register. During this process, they will need to fill in the mandatory fields that require name, phone number and email address.         

We use this contact information only for:  

  • Clarification when, say, some essential information/materials have been omitted or a writer needs some input to enable them to move forward with an order.     
  • Providing customers with services of the most superior quality. 

Consequently, it is critical that your contact details are valid and accurate. This data will be visible only to our company’s staff and will never be sold to others, shared, distributed, published or posted anywhere.                   

Transaction/Payment Processing

We use only the most secure and reputable systems for processing order payments so you can be confident that financial data is never revealed. Customers can expect to be asked for confirmation of identity for the avoidance of Internet fraud.             

Your Customer’s Rights

You may request changes to your personal information whenever you so desire. Simply contact our agents if you want any information added, removed or modified.