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Beethoven’s Sonata No.23 “Appassionata” (F minor)

Introduction There is no doubt that Ludwig van Beethoven has a special place in the history of music. He was well-known during his life, and even nowadays his works can be regarded as contemporary. Beethoven succeeded in unveiling the moral and ...
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Chinese Immigration Culture

Introduction The concept of immigration has always been deeply engraved in American history. This is because the composition of the US citizenry is barely present without consideration for all the foreign nationals who left their homes and ...
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Civilized Society

It is commonly believed that the society people live in today is “civilized.” Humanity today has more in terms of development, economics, technology, and communication as it never had before. Human beings are mostly able to read and ...
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Food and Culture

Introduction Culture is an aspect that distinguishes every individual from the other in terms of what they believe in and their places of origin (Anderson, 2014). Culture defines the ways of life of human beings as well as the manner in which they ...
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Highlife Music and Its Impacts on Other Music Genres

Abstract This paper explores the musical genre called Highlife. It is divided into three parts. The first part is about the formation of Highlife music. It is based on historical facts. The second part gives information about different types of ...
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Intercultural Communication

What Silence Communicates to Me and How My Culture’s Use of Silence Connect to Hall’s Cultural Patterns of Low and High Context Silence is ranked among the best communication tools; moreover, silence is more powerful than the verbal ...
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Julia Margaret Cameron: Complete Photographs

Art and Design The book Julia Margaret Cameron: The Complete Photographs abounds with photos taken by the famous eponymous photographer Cameron. First, she was engaged in the photography only at the age of thirty eight but she gained popularity ...
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Modern to Contemporary: Jackson Pollock and Vasily Kandinsky

Art history is cyclic, and many stylistic and technical elements travel from one epoch to another, creating various chains of influences of definite artists or art directions on the other ones. Modern and contemporary art absorbed different art ...
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Neoclassicism in Britain and Sir Joshua Reynolds

Ancient times have always served as breeding ground and inspiration to artists of various periods. The Enlightenment renewed the interest to historical painting in a sense that it had to be as realistic and as true to the past as it could be. It ...
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Reflective Report: Design Craftsmanship

Introduction Design has always interested me as a sphere of human creativity about which I lacked knowledge, regardless of the fact that it has attracted me with some invisible power. Undoubtedly, this field possesses some unspeakable magic of ...
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