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Advertising: Nuisance of Retargeting and Cookies

Advertising is the deliberate action of promoting and selling goods/ services. Any business person wants to have his or her products to be known by the consumers. The mode of communication with consumers has been changing abruptly. The emergence of ...
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Confucian Moral Theory and Practice

The East-Asian conception of morality has a deep interpretation, which made European school consider it as an eternal ceremony. Confucius empowered this feeling after proclaiming his statements of morality and leadership. Despite mentioning that his ...
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Culture of Wealth

I was born in Beirut, in a rather wealthy family that can be considered middle class by the local standards. It gave me an opportunity to be ‘in between’ the upper class and the poorer people. However, it is not easy for me to draw the ...
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Ethical Issues during Forensic Assessments

There are various ethical issues that emerge from the scenario. Firstly, there is an issue of sexual abuse. According to the scenario, Mr. Doe admitted to sexually offending two adult females. He also reported sexually offending his three-year-old ...
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Facebook and Privacy

Part 1. Introduction One of the most acute topics that evolve around the nature of privacy, trademark, copyright in digital media, trade secrets, defamation, and hackers and that are discussed by many people around the world today concerns the most ...
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Holistic Approaches to Jokes

Introduction Cartoons have been used to create jokes. The five elements that make a cartoon funny include the use of symbolisms, analogy, irony and exaggerations. Cartoonists consider their work the art that creates jokes of whatever magnitude. ...
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Hurricane Katrina

Response Media can convey various messages to the audience. They do not only inform the public, but also present particular ideas, emotions, beliefs, and stereotypes. Media coverage of hurricane Katrina is a good representation of a race-based ...
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Making Connection

Introduction The way in which men and women are perceived in the societies today is mainly based on media and technology along with its advancement from day to day. Media is the most advanced and prevalent aspect of technology in people’s ...
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Millennials at Workplace

There has always been a difference between generations known as a generation gap. However, not everyone is aware of the exact timeframes, which divide the generations. Some differences between various cohorts are obvious because of the varying ...
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What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Social Networking for Children?

Introduction Whereas social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube have a lot of benefits for young children, they also tend to expose them to a wide range of dangers and risks. A huge percentage of social interactions ...
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