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Acquiring a Contract with the Navy

Introduction Contracting with the government and associated agencies is one of the most prestigious opportunities that small business contractors can have. They are exposed to many opportunities that allow faster business growth, increased ...
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American Exceptionalism

The idea that the United States has always been an exceptional country is one of the core elements of the country’s ideology. The formation of the US was indeed different from any other state in the history. Moreover, from the beginning, it ...
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Corporate Tax Loopholes

Abstract Tax avoidance by multinationals is a great threat to the U.S. economy. The avoidance forces a government to cut on its expenses as it is unable to raise adequate funds to finance its developmental projects. It means that multinationals ...
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Critique of Judith Jarvis Thomsons

A Critique of Judith Jarvis Thomsons A Defense of Abortion In A Defense of Abortion, Judith Jarvis Thomson presents a libertarian argument justifying abortion. The basic idea behind the argument is that the woman has more rights to make ...
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Development of Propaganda

Critical thinking is one of the most important features for a person in the modern society. Due to the development of propaganda techniques, it is necessary to differentiate the facts from the bias and the needs of mass media to show the situation ...
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Disrupting Terror Group Finances to Exploit Weaknesses in Terrorist Organizations

Introduction Huge amounts of resources are required to finance terror operations, and this includes terrorist attacks. For a terrorist group to be financed, significant amount of resources are required, but a terror attack can be financed by a ...
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Drug Addicts

The War on Drugs In his article Why Im Calling to End the War on Drugs, which was published in Huffpost Politics on April 19, 2016, Kofi Annan states that drugs have become one of the most pressing problems of today. The turnover of narcotic ...
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France-UAE Relations in Context of Nuclear Energy

The rising popularity of nuclear energy in the past few decades has led to emerging economies such as the UAE collaborating with more experienced producers like France to make use of such a technology while it still seems sustainable. This essay ...
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Great Power

American presidential elections are coming, and the candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both candidates have been asked many questions about foreign and internal policies. Here are five major issues of foreign policy the candidates have ...
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How ISIS Brainwashes Members to Kill

ISIS uses religion as an important tool for brainwashing its members and encouraging them to kill people, even their close relatives. As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks states in the book Not in the God’s Name, young people are relentlessly searching for ...
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