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Coming Up with New Hotel Concept

Executive Summary The state of Florida, also known as the “Sunshine State”, is one of the most attractive states in the USA. For this reason, it is an ideal place to start a unique Eco-Resort. While analyzing the 4 As of tourism, it is ...
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Company Analysis

Company Analysis Microsoft Corporation is a leading multinational technology company in America with is headquarters located in Redmond, Washington. The company mainly deals with the development, manufacturing, and licensing of computer software as ...
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Consumer Behavior Models

Any individual in the consumption procedure can be defined as a consumer. Everyone around the globe is a consumer. In our daily lives, we are purchasing and using a variety of commodities and amenities. Nonetheless, we all possess varied tastes, ...
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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies

Apple’s Current Position on Ethical and Social Responsibilities Currently, Apple is striving to eliminate all unethical practices and develop a new standard framework for suppliers. For instance, the company introduced Supplier Responsibility ...
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Directors Duty in a Company

 In the current business world, the culture of neoliberalism is controlling the actions and decision-making process where profit earning is the order of the day. People who are profoundly affected by this culture belong to the management team ...
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Diversity in the Workplace

In fact, an organization needs exclusiveness of every employee in the workplace environment. By focusing on diversity, the company concentrates more on individual qualities, which are different from other people’s behavior. Actually, the ...
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Effective Meeting

Part 1: Meeting of Information Technology Department Introduction The meeting being conducted is dedicated to an IT (Information Technology) department of a bank. An annual meeting happens at the beginning of every financial year. The purpose of ...
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Five Components of a Social Media Campaign

A Blog Posting Restaurant “Taste of Darkness” is an unusual restaurant, where you can eat in total darkness. This unique place is much more than an ordinary public catering, where visitors dine without light. Diners feel exactly that ...
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Four Disciplines of Emergency Management

The majority of emergencies, disasters, and other natural hazards do not have the borders. Moreover, the crises never occur at a convenient place as well as time. In most cases, the magnitude of damages and human suffering caused by the tragic ...
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Global Human Resources Management

There are many connections between domestic and international human resource practices. They regard to planning and staffing, recruitment and selection, rewarding, as well as development and appraisal. Human resource practices can interlink with ...
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