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Apple Inc. Report

In the recent years, Apple has undergone financial tear thus realizing continuous record quarters. The market share of Mac records is all-time high. While the iPad has nearly depleted the integrated market for tablets, iPhone 4 has sold extra units ...
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Application of Economic Concepts

The study of economics leads to the understanding of various concepts that are important in the daily lives of individuals. There are various concepts that one can apply and benefits greatly from the situations that occur on a day-to-day basis. This ...
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Application of Theoretical Concepts

Introduction Professional development and personal growth depend on the learning process that taking place in a university. The operational management course became a source of inspiration and motivation, helping me to indicate further improvements ...
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Buyer and Consumer Behavior

Executive Summary The current research presents the analysis of the fast food market in terms of the brand performance. The first section of the paper presents the competitive environment and the specifics of purchasing preferences for the brands. ...
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Causes of Criminal Behavior

Criminal behavior has been an area of study and research by academicians, justice department personnel, and other relevant individuals, which aim at understanding why people commit crimes, and devising ways to eradicate and stop them. Unlawful ...
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Company and Industry Analysis Report

Brief Overview of the Company Hilton Worldwide is the US Company founded in 1919. It owns and manages an international network of hotels and resorts and includes more than 4,400 hotels in 97 countries. The company has 12 brands. The most popular of ...
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Compare and Contrast: Traditional v. Online Classes

This essay attempts to compare and contrast the effect of online classes and traditional on-campus classes. The comparative analysis is developed based on the mode of learning, class attendance, performances, assessment, teacher’s instructions ...
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The Concepts of Justice, Harmony, and Virtue

Introduction It is important to acknowledge that justice, virtue and harmony are indispensable in the society. The world could be a serene and peaceful place had the inhabitants become fully cognizant of this fact. The three elements are indeed the ...
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Conflict Analysis: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Forgiveness is an essential positive response to conflict or negative events that pervade people’s everyday lives. Forgiveness can serve to discharge bitter feelings in relation to an offender, avert cycles of retaliation, and ultimately ...
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Convivencia in Medieval Spain

Introduction Nowadays, one of the most controversial and widely discussed issues related to the history of the Medieval period concerns Medieval Spain and the question of existence of the so-called convivencia. The concept of convivencia refers to ...
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