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1994 Northridge Earthquake

Abstract The topic of the current paper is the Northridge earthquake. In fact, it is highly important to study this topic, as the California area is considered one of the highly seismic in the country. A great number of earthquakes are recorded ...
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Al Qaeda Prospectus

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that world terrorism is a dangerous threat to the society worldwide. News broadcasts report about numerous terrorist acts all over the world on a regular basis, but the average society seems ...
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Apartheid, Dark Page of South Africa

Apartheid is known as the dark page in the history of South Africa. It was the ideology proclaimed by the National Party of South Africa, which caused inequality and sufferings for African people. Significantly, apartheid regime developed in ...
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Assertiveness of Japanese Foreign Policy

Since the end of World War I, the Japanese political thinking has been greatly influenced by the ongoing changes in the international order and the necessity for ideological adjustments. In this view, the state authority tended to incorporate the ...
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California History

Introduction California was endorsed as more than just a city, in particular a virtually mythical state of citrus, sunshine, and fat and healthy babies. More outstandingly, Southern California boosters were promoted as the essence of the American ...
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Chinese History

To what extent was the Chinese imperial state responsible for the period of economic expansion taking place during the Song Dynasty. During the Song Dynasty, the Chinese economy saw financial prosperity, expansion of crucial international trade ...
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Convivencia in Medieval Spain: Problems of Diverse Societies

Introduction Convivencia is a term used to explain the societal behavior and cohabitation of Muslims, Christians and Jews on the territory of Spain. The notion means their harmonious neighboring. However, due to the cultural diversity of different ...
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The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America led to the creation of a new nation and changed not only the course of British and American history, but affected the world as a whole. This document discusses the political motivation ...
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Gurdwara Visit

More than six centuries ago, a religion known as Sikhism appeared on the Indian subcontinent in the Punjab region. Sikhism encourages and teaches faith, meditation, unity, and equality of all people as well as strives for social justice and public ...
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Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest During the days of world exploration, explorers from the already established colonies sought to explore the world on behalf of their colonies. During the course of their travels, they discovered new lands that offered resources ...
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