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Bluelock is an IT corporation that delivers enterprises with IT infrastructure amenities with its data servers hosted in the public cloud. Services provided by the corporation help their clients make knowledgeable decisions risk agility and ...
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Introduction The post-industrial society stimulated the development of new generation economy characterized by a broad application of the information technologies and electronic commerce. In the industry of fashion, as well as in other fields of ...
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Halting Problem

Introduction The computability theory defines halting problem as the challenge of using a random computer input and program to determine whether the software will run forever or will stop at one point. As such, it is a decision that concerns ...
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IPCC Report

Introduction The climate change has become one of the most widely-discussed issues due to the constant environment pollution caused by human activities. Over the past 10 000 years, the average global temperature has remained relatively stable, ...
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Miami Dade College

Introduction Technological improvements are having a profound effect on teaching and learning in all academic levels, including higher education. For colleges and universities charged with the responsibility of equipping their graduates to compete ...
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Mobile Learning

Mobile technologies develop so fast that they have strongly entered all spheres of human activity, including education. In the 1990s, with the advent of pocket personal computers, the development and assessment of mobile learning technology for ...
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Petroleum Engineering as a Multitask Job

Introduction In contemporary social development, each job has its meaning and is highly important to the world’s sustainability. Petroleum engineer is one of the most valuable professions, which helps to create a balance in the efficient, ...
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Privacy with the Use of the Email Services

Introduction All that is written is not private regardless of the fact that it is never even e-mailed or published. The information printed, scanned, or dictated is liable to be read by unknown persons. Information on the PC can be accessed locally ...
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Rosetta Spacecraft Mission

Abstract This paper is devoted to the discussion of the comet mission of Rosetta spacecraft. Rosetta is a space probe that was launched in 2004 by ESA. On its board, Rosetta had a lander Philae. The aim of the mission was to conduct a detailed ...
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Separation of Powers

The framers of the US Constitution established three arms of governments that were meant to promote democracy and protect freedom by ensuring that none of the three became too powerful. The framers had witnessed the tyranny in many of the European ...
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