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Abu Dhabi Ports

Introduction Nowadays, many companies are increasing their business globally. Some enterprises purchase various materials from one country, implement their production policy in another state, and, finally, sell their products and services in other ...
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Benchmark - Research Critique

Different research articles in nursing critically examine health issues that need to be understood in this field. For instance, the article chosen for this analysis focuses on issues relating to overweight. According to Flegal, Williamson, Pamuk and ...
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Big Data Application and Ethical Issues

Abstract The research paper investigates the use of big data in different fields. In the introduction, it explains what big data is, the way of using it and the standard fields where it is useful. The paper also includes an overview of two ...
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Business Ethics; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Introduction Business ethics are important in the modern world where firms are competing for brand image and good reputation. Business ethics are obligations that organizations have to conduct business activities through good ethics that portray ...
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Business Failure

In the 21 century, the need to keep abreast of the new developments as a strategy for business success cannot be overstated. In the information age, the successful companies are those that are quick to identify the relevant information and use it to ...
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Business Forms and Strategies

Among all the organizational forms of business, this paper separates out two most functional: sole proprietorship and corporation. Both of them can lead either to enormous profits or to great losses and represent two absolutely successful business ...
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Business Report: BlackBerry Limited

Introduction BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian telecommunications and related services company that has been operational since 1984, but it continues to lose its operational sustainability, especially in the smartphone market (Synnot 2012). Although ...
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College Students

College Students Abstract Students experience pressure of performing better in their academic life every day. It has been observed that most students fall ill at the end of the semester compared to other times in the term. This paper aims at ...
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Conflict Escalation

Conflict Escalation Psychology is a study of human behavior providing understanding why individuals and groups display certain behaviors. In trying to establish general principles and specific cases, many psychological writers have come up with ...
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Constitutionalizing Gay Marriages is Unethical

The article The Supreme Court and Gay Marriage, by the editorial board of The New York Times, argues that the courts are now obliged to lift the ban on same-sex marriages, which contradicts the constitutional provisions on equality, and is ...
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