Criminal Justice Paper Topics

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Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Criminal Justice Research Topics

The common criminal justice research topics focus on six major categories including:

Forensic Science Research Topics

Forensic science is essentially grounded on the trace and extraction of details from the physical remnants of past actions. Therefore, Forensic Science is one of the major contributions of science to the provision of evidence in law courts. The forensic experts search, scrutinize and test the physical traces of data that can provide sufficient evidence to the various stages or dimensions of the criminal inquiry. The practice of Forensic Science also greatly depends on the expectations and the context of the criminal inquiry. In the last four decades, specifically since the start of the 21st century, the CJ (Criminal Justice) has widened with ever increasing number of modules at different academic levels that focus on the particular specialty.


The promising trend has also yielded a progressive growth of CJ PhDs, as well as, concomitant reductions in the impact of other disciplinary specialists on the trajectory and course of policy, research, and theory development in the CJ field. A section of scholars claims that this is a time-bound influence that will end when CJ realizes its full autonomy. However, the sociology departments have continued to maintain the most significant external impact on the CJ field of various disciplinary strategies. Together with the significant advancement of CJ programs, sociology departments have continued to retain most of their criminology curricula, yielding a large duplication of information.

Scholars and students with a significant policy orientation more often shift to CJ specialization. However, sociology specialists, particularly those who focus more on the theory, tend to pursue the cultural, ideological, and contextual dimensions in both the study of crime and the actual actions. Forensic Science focuses on five main areas:

  • Serial Killers
  • Forensic Taphonomy
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Criminal Profiling

Elderly Abuse Topics

Elderly abuse is also critical component of criminal justice research paper topics. Elderly abuse is a common phenomenon that has continued to gain more significance as a leading social issue, but definitions and terminology have continued to change in the last three decades. Elderly abuse research is also common in developed economies. However, citizens, organizations, and scientists have continued to view the abuse differently due to socioeconomic and cultural differences that exist between societies.

The results and observations of prevalence and incidence research have also continued to differ. Elderly abuse happens for a variety of reasons: some perpetrators groom and target their victims; while some carers abuse veterans due to stress and depression. The main areas covered in elderly abuse research includes:

  • Elderly Abuse Risk Factors
  • Elderly Abuse Expert Training
  • Elderly Abuse Outcomes
  • Elderly Abuse by Intimate Partners
  • Elderly Abuse by Mature Children

Domestic Violence Topics

Domestic violence is also a fundamental component of criminal justice research topics. Domestic violence is influenced by a current history of a quick social shift in institutional practice and policy. Domestic violence main focuses on men’s violence against women. In most cases, female victims have reported both sexual and physical violence. The injuries are more often severe, and the victims experience both persistent emotional and health issues.

In cases where women are killed, the suspect is typically an intimate partner. Many reasons explain why assaulted women find it quite hard to leave an abusive relationship including the slow response of institutions; lack of sufficient support; and increased threats. Domestic violence research focuses on five critical areas including:

  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Dating Violence
  • Cohabiting Violence
  • Battered Wives
  • Battered Husbands

Death Penalty Topics

The death penalty has continued to dominate criminal justice research paper topics for a long time. The death penalty refers to a state-sanctioned punishment that involves taking a human life. In the recent past, most nations have abolished or restricted executions.

The momentous legal and social-political changes have significantly influenced the abolition of the death penalty. Powerful political and economic institutions like the EU have also made restriction of the death penalty as a prerequisite for membership. Additionally, newly formed nation-states have also embraced the concept of abolition. Death penalty research topics focus on five major areas:

  • Death Penalty and Religion
  • Death Penalty and Mental Retardation
  • Death Penalty and Mental Illness
  • Death Penalty and Juvenile Delinquency
  • Death Penalty in America and Other Developed Economies

Criminology Topics

The establishment of criminology as a distinct research and academic discipline dates back to the 1700s. The main conclusions for criminology include:

  1. The demand for evidence-centered practices and policies, the globalization of crime, as well as, the changing scope of scientific and crime techniques in criminology present a new set of challenges for the whole discipline of criminology.
  2. The discipline of criminology has experienced slow growth in the last two decades. The required expansion of the study of criminology will need a rejuvenated federal effort to create the best framework for CJ research.
  3. Causal theories have failed to be powerful and sound. Further development, in theory, will also require the advancement of interdisciplinary theory.

Criminology research focuses on five crucial areas:

  • Life Course Criminology
  • History of Criminology
  • Critical Criminology
  • Comparative Criminology
  • Applied Criminology

Child Abuse Topics

Children have continued to be the primary victims of exploitation, neglect, and abuse. A case in point, over 3 million of child abuse cases are reported in the US each year. The exact magnitude is quite high considering that only 15 percent of child maltreatment cases are reported to the relevant agencies. The primary criminal justice research paper topics on child abuse include:

  • Child Soldiers
  • Child Protection
  • Child Pornography
  • Child Neglect
  • Child Labor

Other Major Research Topics on Criminal Justice

  • The link between crime and neighborhood influences
  • Assessing the relationship between peers and crime
  • The correlations between ethnicity and crime
  • The associations between race and crime
  • The statistical connections between religion and crime
  • The link between crime and guns
  • Assessing the links between immigration and crime
  • The correlations between gender and crime
  • The statistical links between intelligence and crime
  • The correlations between education and crime
  • The associations between citizenship and crime
  • The correlations between employment and crime
  • The link between aggression and crime
  • The relationship between families and crime
  • The link between age and crime.

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