The Best Topics for Persuasive Speech

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When you get an assignment at college to prepare a speech or a presentation, you start searching for topics that differ from those you generally write essays on. When you think of delivering a speech in front of a big (or not that big) audience, you want to make a good impression and stand out among other speakers. As a matter of fact, such approach to delivering a speech is really good as it gives you motivation to do the best you can and work hard on your topic.

Even if you have previously thought that you are really bad at presenting a topic to the public, there are all chances to prove you the opposite. You are definitely more experienced at persuasive speech that you have thought. Just ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you ever succeeded (or at least tried hard) to persuade your parents accept your point of view? Or allow you to stay later at your friend’s party?

  2. Have you ever tried to persuade your best friend to attend with you that exhibition? Or go to the cinema to watch your favorite movie?

  3. Maybe you were even lucky enough to convince your professor to accept your paper submitted one day after the deadline?


Well, if the latter worked out with you, then you must definitely have amazing persuasive skills.

When you think of the presentation or speech structure, it actually resembles the one of the persuasive essay. You are not delivering a speech just for fun, right? You probably aim to convince your audience to accept your opinion. Therefore, when you want to select a really interesting topic, look through the most popular persuasive essay topics for college students. There is a great variety of persuasive speech topics, so when choosing one, make sure you have sufficient knowledge in that area and that you can present it in a proper way. It is really a bad idea to write about some idea, concept or phenomenon that is totally new to you. Try to deliver a speech on the topic that is close to you and that you can thoroughly research. Moreover, to provide a terrific presentation, look through persuasive writing prompts as well. Besides, you might want to use some other tools, such as a presentation, a graph, a story, an anecdote, a specific example, etc., in order to make your persuasive speech more effective and appealing.

What Makes a Good Persuasive Speech

  1. It should be really convincing and not merely informative. When you have chosen a specific topic, it is not enough to only discuss certain aspects and provide a plethora of different facts. What you actually have to do is to put forward a strong and convincing argument and further try to persuade the audience accept your position. All this can be done with the help of bright examples and sufficient supporting evidence.

  2. The topic you choose should be preferable controversial, which means that your audience can both agree or disagree with it.

A Comprehensive List of Persuasive Essay Topics for College Presentations:

  1. The mass media disclose secret information about its usage as well as reveals messages from international and domestic communication.

  2. Purchasing the local food as a way of support of the Local Food Movement.

  3. Magazines, newspapers, and TV programs targeting children and teenagers convey wrong message in terms of moral and ethical behavior.

  4. Exploitation of the Antarctic resources should be prohibited with a further transformation of the area into the natural reserve.

  5. FBI should put more stringent measures on the self-proclaimed militia and keep it under close scrutiny.

  6. Tax incentives should be implemented to encourage international adoption of children.

  7. Online education is not worse than traditional method of learning in the classroom.

  8. In-vitro fertilization should be banned.

  9. Minors wanting to have a tattoo should get a legal consent from their parents or guardians or be accompanied by them to the tattoo saloon for this procedure.

  10. All court trials should be filmed in federal courtrooms.

  11. Athletes who are still studying in college should get a monthly scholarship for covering their expenses.

  12. Students should be obliged to take specialized coursed or foreign language courses as a must.

  13. Usage of gadgets and other technological devices in the educational process.

  14. Students should not be pushed to participate in athletics championships.

  15. It is wrong to encourage beauty contests in schools and colleges.

  16. There is a strong need for equal representation of races and genders in governmental offices.

  17. Social media usage, texting, and cell phone usage are awful distractors that have a deteriorating effect on the attention span and overall concentration.

  18. Online resources and books on iPads should fully replace paper textbooks.

  19. Cyber-attacks provide a deteriorating impact on stability within countries.

  20. People should be more cautious when posting different information and specific messages on social networking sites.

  21. Dictatorships should be prevented from receiving foreign aid directed to them by governments.

  22. Eliminate reliance on ACT and SAT scores during the admission process.

  23. The problem of immigration won’t be solved by putting up a border fence.

  24. Residents of each town or city should be encouraged to recycle waste.

  25. It is important that the college network has an appointed administrator who will filter inappropriate content.

  26. Schools should allow the usage of social networking sites.

  27. Girls should be allowed to participate in wrestling and football matches.

  28. More focus should be placed on domestic terrorism rather than acts of terrorism that happen in other countries.

  29. Identity theft is a burning problem nowadays that requires stringent measures.

  30. Feminist ideas have undermined the importance and value of motherhood.

  31. Fast food restaurants should introduce a new policy of informing their clients on the number of calories each meal has.

  32. The current system of taxes is unfair in regards to low-income and middle-income groups of people.

  33. Churches should be free from paying taxes.

  34. School system needs urgent reformation

  35. Offshore oil drilling should be banned unless oil companies introduce some disaster control measures.

  36. Advertising aimed merely at children should be banned on the state level.

  37. Billboards on interstate roads should be legally prohibited.

  38. Patients with chronic mental illnesses should no longer be suffering in mental clinics but be taken to the community “halfway houses” where they can be given adequate help.

  39. Psychologists and psychotherapists should testify on behalf of non-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity in the court of law.

  40. People once accused of child molesting should be prohibited from the right to adopt kids. Potential adopters should be carefully screened by authorities.

  41. Weapons should not be sold on an international level.

  42. Outcomes of early marriage (before school or college completion).

  43. What role should the United Nations further play?

  44. Art and music therapy should be implemented in the process of prisoners’ rehabilitation.

  45. Educated people should have the right to be volunteering as educational tutors.

  46. The National Health Insurance Program should function in order to ensure basic healthcare aid to all American citizens (regardless of their level of income).

  47. Safety measures should be increased in motels and hotels in order to prevent criminal activities against their residents.

  48. Olympic areas should not be constructed in UNESCO protected venues.

  49. Staffed flights into space are far more expensive than unstaffed scientific missions.

  50. There is a need to pass a federal law aimed at standardizing trunk release systems on all modern cars.

Frequently Chosen Topics for Persuasive Speech with Additional Commentaries

1. The burning issue of divorce and its causes.

How to help children overcome this tough period in their lives? How to convince them that they are not the reason why their mom and dad started to live separately? You might want to come up with the core 3-4 reasons of divorce and discuss the reasons in detail.

2. Violence on TV.

How does it affect the psychological state of people? How does it influence people’s reactions to everyday activities? You might also want to consider how violent TV shows influence the children’s ability to empathize.

3. Are celebrities are good role models to children and teenagers that adore them so much?

There are different positive as well as negative examples of how celebrities’ behavior may influence children and their perception of what is acceptable or not. Weigh all the pros and cons and come up with a convincing argument.

4. Can one obtain high-quality education only by enrolling on courses online?

How much credibility should be given to online platforms? Focus on discussing the main difference between traditional classroom learning and online learning. Do you have your own experience of learning from an online course? If you have such experience, provide some personal examples whether it was helpful for you. Was it an effective method? Did you enjoy it more than face-to-face learning?

5. Should schools have the right to monitor students’ private accounts on social media with the aim of preventing cyber-bullying?

Actually, will it be an effective measure? What about privacy and security rights? Will it be a kind of infringement of students’ privacy if school authorities could easily monitor everything students post on social media or who they communicate with?

6. Should university authorities be responsible for easier adaptation of first-year students to college?

First-year students often face psychological problems due to the hard period of transition to student life. They find themselves far from home and this stressful experience can have a rather bad impact on their overall state of health and mood. Therefore, university authorities should come up with specific programs aimed at helping students relive stress, cope with excessive workload, and socialize with new people.

7. Should people be treated as adults when they turn 18 years of age?

Why is “18” considered as a breaking point between childhood and adulthood. Does it mean that all stupid things done by teenagers should be left “beyond 18”? How about research findings that a person’s brain is not considered as fully developed till 25 years of age? So, where should the point of adulthood begin?

8. Are children overmedicated in the modern society?

Over the last few years, it has been indicated that children are provided with excessive medication treatment without doctors’ delving into the actual core of the problem. For example, when they have some attention deficit disorders or when they are hyperactive, doctors prefer to prescribe pills instead of treating the problem in other ways (with social workers, child psychologists or psychotherapists). Do children actually need such kind of medication? What are the alternative ways of solving such and similar problems? How should parents act in such cases? Which specialists should they seek help from?

9. Should high school students be obliged to enroll on foreign language courses?

What arguments do professors have in regards to second language acquisition? Why so much importance is placed on learning foreign languages? What are the benefits of being bilingual?

10. Does embryonic stem research have the right to be continued?

On the one hand, embryo stem research has proved to bear positive effects on saving lives. However, from the moral and religious perspective, it should be prohibited. What stance do you take in this argument? Should people continue to drastically divide science from religion? Or is there any compromise how they can be mixed together for the greatest benefit?

11. Should welfare recipients be obligatorily drug tested?

While drug testing has become common in many workplaces, there has been voiced an idea to implement this measure for welfare recipients. What are the pros and cons of such move? What about the children who will be left homeless if their parents are proved to take drugs?

12. Should donation of organs be financially reimbursed?

Some people claim that organ donation be performed as a gift. However, are people really supposed to donate organs for free? What about payment for organ donation? What challenges might this issue encounter? Can then organ donation turn into organ business? What deteriorating impact might it have?

13. Are professional sportsmen overpaid?

Many people consider that athletes are unfairly paid such huge sums of money. According to the opinions of many people, there are many important professions (such as doctors, nurses, teachers, and others) where people are significantly underpaid. There exists a huge gap in salary payment. What is the reason why athletes are paid so huge wages? Do they have such specific skills or abilities? Or are there any reasons for this flourishing sports business?

14. Should students be freed from their college loans?

Student loans are a controversial topic nowadays that causes many heated debates. On the one hand, students are legally liable to repay all the loans they took while studying. On the other hand, there are suggestions that the college loan is a too heavy burden that students take with them even when their studies have finished. How to deal with this issue? What is the way out?As you might have noticed, the topics presented above refer to the topical issues taking place in the society nowadays. Consequently, they should draw interest and attention from your target audience. To provide a terrific presentation, make sure that you research the topic from A to Z and provide convincing supporting evidence.

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