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Conflict Analysis: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Forgiveness is an essential positive response to conflict or negative events that pervade people’s everyday lives. Forgiveness can serve to discharge bitter feelings in relation to an offender, avert cycles of retaliation, and ultimately ...
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Convectional and Takaful Insurance

Conventional insurance deals with the making of investments which can be refunded to the policyholder in case he/ she incurs a risk as well as generates profits which are usually kept by the company. On the other hand, Takaful insurance works with ...
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Convivencia in Medieval Spain

Introduction Nowadays, one of the most controversial and widely discussed issues related to the history of the Medieval period concerns Medieval Spain and the question of existence of the so-called convivencia. The concept of convivencia refers to ...
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Cost Analysis Methodology

Concerning the application of life cycle costing, it is important to indicate its use in organizations with large and developed infrastructure. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that the district cooling system for large ...
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Importance of Literacy in Creating Positive Social Change

Difference is a hallmark of every human being, and it lies in the basis of one’s nature. It is something that makes everyone special and defines their personality making one distinguished from other individuals. However, at present time, the ...
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Territories: Cultural Differences

Territories The city of Brisbane, Australia, the city of Doha in Quatar, the village of Colpied in France are the best examples because they meet all the specifications of a territory. They both involve the assertion of power, influence, and ...
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Curriculum Inception

Abstract Curriculum development requires collaboration of all stakeholders in order to meet the objectives as well as guarantee benefit of the students. It is also important to identify a strategic discipline that can ensure maximum benefit to the ...
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Customer Relationship Management Techniques

Introduction The understanding of the customer relationship management techniques is essential in the development of an organization’s promotional activities and in setting of sales targets. It is caused by the fact that the customers’ ...
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Development in Ethiopia

Introduction Prosperity of the poor third-world countries is under the stiff scrutiny of the developed nations and other international institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, and WTO. The organizations make efforts in documenting economic and ...
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The Effects of Arab Spring on the United States

Abstract This paper discusses the role of the Arab Spring in American foreign and domestic policies and the effect the revolutions in the Arab world have had in the United States. The work analyzes the situation before and after the Arab Spring, ...
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