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Problem-Solving and Contextual Factors

Introduction The ability to solve problems is deemed to be an essential element in human life. One of the factors that come into play is the development of human cognition, which contributes partially to the handling of problems. For instance, ...
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Real Price of Cheap Animal Products

Animal breeding is known to be one of the oldest occupations of humankind in line with hunting and gathering. Nowadays, under any condition, it is easy to open a business in farming, and this kind of activity is profitable enough. Therefore, to open ...
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Reinforcement Theory in Deloitte Company

Introduction Organizational Behavior as a study on the companies in terms of establishing the behavior of employees and interaction between people has been in application since the 1920s up to date. The study has undergone various changes and ...
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Relationships of Working with Military Couples

Relationships of Working with Military Couples Introduction The globe has been changing with time in terms of wars and we can point out that most of the military officers have been busier than ever before. The most affected areas are the Middle ...
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Rhetorical Situation Analysis

This paper analyzes the rhetorical situation of the AME church shootings in Charleston, SC in the light of Governor Haley’s response to this incident. The issue will be explored according to Lloyd Bitzer’s model of rhetorical situations ...
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Sales Management

Geneva-based trading company Trafigura opened a position of a sales manager. This company specializes in crude oil trading. The position requires skills regarding the direct sales approach to sell crude oil in Switzerland. Thus, the current paper ...
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Sedimentation and Sedimentary Rocks

Abstract The current paper seeks to discuss the process of sedimentation through which different types of sedimentary rock formation occur. The weathering of materials produces sediments that are transported, and deposition puts these sediments at ...
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Shelter from the Storm Organization

Shelter from the Storm is an organization that provides wide-ranging services to victims of domestic violence in professional, compassionate, and ethical means. The organization is located in Coachella Valley, and was formed in 1993 after realizing ...
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Single Lane Roundabouts Versus Multi-Lane Roundabouts

Single Lane and Multi-Lane Roundabouts A roundabout is a spot where more than two pathways converge. It is the spot where pathways traverse each other thus calling for road users to drive at a lower speed while obeying traffic rules before leaving ...
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Social Aspects of Globalization and Free Trade

Introduction Though the globalization has already become an integral part of the global economy, many questions in the field of its impact on the socio-economic development of countries still cause heated debates. From these readings of the course, ...
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