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Older Adults’ Diagnostics and Hospitalization Issues

The nature of physiological and pathological processes in later life and the need for a specific approach to the management of elderly patients poses the geriatrics and geriatrician in a separate clinical discipline. Therefore, most of the problems ...
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Patient Engagement

Among the factors that improve nurses’ performance and motivate them to provide high-quality service, patient engagement is worth emphasizing. The nurse, who fulfills all the instructions and guidelines of her work but fails to cope with the ...
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Research Methodologies of Psychotherapeutic Interventions Through Empirical Lenses

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a complicated mental health disease, which requires appropriate care, counseling, and psychotherapeutic interventions. A choice of an appropriate ...
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Quality Improvement in Clinical Practice

Introduction Health sector is an industry associated with high risk and frequently characterised by failures in equipment functioning, inadequate operational systems, and errors in evaluation of the possibilities of dangerous situations. Therefore, ...
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Quantitative Article Critique

Introduction In the article “Task Uncertainty and Communication during Nursing Shift Handovers” by Mayor, Bangerter and Aribot (2012), a quantitative study was conducted to examine the effects of task uncertainty on duration per patient ...
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Shared Governance Program

Patient care is very important in the health institutions. As a result, it is the task of such an institution to work and streamline its activities and actions to come up with a plan that will make achieving this goal possible (Katz-Navon, Naveh, ...
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Shortage of Nurses in US

Problem The shortage of nurses across healthcare sector in the United States raises numerous issues of concern about the quality of healthcare services that are being provided in different facilities across the United States. The low nurse to ...
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The Broca Area in the Brain

The ability of the human brain to reproduce and comprehend language lies in its neural part. Previously, scientists could only conduct an observation of this phenomenon. Today, thanks to brain imaging technology, it is possible to study the human ...
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The Nature of ADHD

According to statistics, the problem of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is rather a common one among schoolchildren. It might provide the impression that given its prevalenceit is not necessary to consider ADHD as a particularly ...
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UTIs in Adolescents

Urinary tract infections are a group of infections that damage a part of a urinary tract of a patient and may lead to adverse outcomes. Among patients that have these infections, adolescents represent a particular risk group because there is a ...
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