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The Broca Area in the Brain

The ability of the human brain to reproduce and comprehend language lies in its neural part. Previously, scientists could only conduct an observation of this phenomenon. Today, thanks to brain imaging technology, it is possible to study the human ...
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The Nature of ADHD

According to statistics, the problem of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is rather a common one among schoolchildren. It might provide the impression that given its prevalenceit is not necessary to consider ADHD as a particularly ...
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UTIs in Adolescents

Urinary tract infections are a group of infections that damage a part of a urinary tract of a patient and may lead to adverse outcomes. Among patients that have these infections, adolescents represent a particular risk group because there is a ...
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Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness Paper

Drug Addicts Many people do not comprehend why some people get addicted to drugs. In most cases, it is mistaken that those who abuse and get addicted to drugs do not have the will power or moral principles to enable them stop by simply changing the ...
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