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Postcolonialism in Southeast Asia

According to Foster (2010), Southeast Asia was one of the largely colonized regions in the globe, with major colonizers being Japanese, Europeans and Americans. Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Great Britain, France, U.S., and Japan were seven colonial ...
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Roosevelt and the New Deal

President Roosevelt was the representative of the liberal bourgeoisie. He was a staunch defender of capitalism, and his policy was aimed at preserving the system. Roosevelt certainly was against anything that could lead to a weakening of the ...
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In What Ways Was Madinat al-Zahra Used for the ‘Staging of Power’?

All rulers in different époques used extremely diverse means to demonstrate the power. Some of them were constantly waging wars, some tried to execute their enemies to maintain the fear among their people. Others wanted to show their kindness and ...
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Two Faces of Intelligence Failure

There is no single event in the recent history of the United States that has generated many explanations, theories, and conspiracies as the 9/11 attacks. Within minutes, the attack inflicted more direct damages onto the United States than the Soviet ...
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Westward Expansion

The USA has a strong political position in the world, and there are no arguments to deny the statement. However, at the beginning of its history, America was not strong and influential country. The process of development took a long period of ...
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The Zoroastrians are a group of people practicing a peculiar form of an ancient religion that comes from the city of Yazd in Iran. These people continue to provoke diverse reactions from others. However, when a circle of people practices a lifestyle ...
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