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Possible Factors Affecting Crime Rates in Willimantic, Connecticut

Abstract This research investigates the recent robbery cases reported in Willimantic, Connecticut. The goals of the research entail identifying the connection between poverty and the increasing crime rates in the town. Another goal is to identify ...
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Gun Control

In American politics, few issues divide the nation as sharply as the subject of gun control. There are two opposing opinions on this concern. One side argues that the federal government should enact laws that control issues of guns purchase and ...
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Partnerships vs. Corporations: Advantages and Disadvantages Any business structure has its pros and cons. The decision to adopt one or the other depends mostly on the different factors as deemed proper by a particular person or a group of people. ...
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Perception of American Public Toward Police Racial Profiling and Brutality

Introduction In the recent years, many cases have emerged, in which police have been accused of racial profiling and even brutality toward selected races. This has resulted to demonstrations from the public and human rights activities across the ...
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Proposition 34 of California Campaign Finance Law

Proposition 34 has added several changes to the Political Reform Act of the California Government. At the state election in November 2000, the voters adopted this legislation in order to regulate financial play in politics (City Council Discussion, ...
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SITA Company

Executive Summary The current report has been authorized by Stephen Baird, an in-house lawyer at SITA that is currently reviewing a possibility of cooperation with ABC Systems. The matter is that the ABC, a software development company, has ...
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Stress in Law Enforcement and the Supervisor/Management Response

Nowadays, there is an urgent need to acknowledge the fact that law enforcement officers work under the great pressure due to the daily dangers and risks they encounter while prosecuting criminals. However, in early days, stress was often not ...
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The Death Penalty

The death sentence (or capital punishment) is considered the gravest of all known punishments. It is an execution performed by a state or government for committing a serious crime. Crimes that are punished with the death sentence are called capital ...
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