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Improving Performance during Emergency

Introduction Improving performance is very critical in responding to emergency whenever a disaster strikes. However, the successful outcome can only be achieved by incorporating a number of aspects in regard to the leadership skills trained in ...
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International Trade Today

Introduction International trade is the purchasing and vending of goods and services between different countries (Cavusgil, Knight, Riesenberger, Rammal, & Rose, 2014). International trade upgrades the world’s economy as prices, demand, ...
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Leading Group Challenges

The Criminal Justice System in the United States of America deals with the formulation and the implementation of laws regarding criminal acts and investigating cases of their violation, arresting criminals, administration of justice, punishment, and ...
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Management Theory and Community Based Learning Experience

Management Theory and Community Based Learning Experience Introduction Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is a social and management theory that was developed by Abraham Maslow in the 1940s. He argues that humans are “wanting ...
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Managing and Leading People Across Cultural Borders

Introduction Managers and professionals of modern time face a great number of challenges. For instance, they have to work in multicultural teams, manage sophisticated reorganizations, support mergers, acquisitions, and international teamwork among ...
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Market Failure and Government Failure

Introduction The current state of economy, the growing role of state regulation, and the dynamism of the processes require rapid and appropriate response to the changes that are taking place. In these circumstances, the importance of studying the ...
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Organizational Resources for Incident Investigation and Response

Steps after Confirming the Attack As the security analyst for Blue Moon Financial (BMF), my plan in case of network intrusion will comprise of ten steps and will start with the identification of the incident and conclude with resuming of the normal ...
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Recruiting and Selecting High-Leveled Managers through the Internet

Introduction In the today’s digital era, the Internet and social media have been widely used to perform recruitment and selection activities. Although there is a variety of tools and methods available to facilitate the aforementioned business ...
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Samsung Electronics Company Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive Summary This marketing plan has been prepared as per the wish of the top executive to extend Samsung’s market horizons in the electronic industry. It has been developed to identify the possible future market for our ...
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Strategic Management

Understanding the impact of globalization, technology and other factors on businesses and industries is vital while learning business administration. In the recent years, technological advancement has become rampant, which has prompted businesses to ...
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