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Organizational Resources for Incident Investigation and Response

Steps after Confirming the Attack As the security analyst for Blue Moon Financial (BMF), my plan in case of network intrusion will comprise of ten steps and will start with the identification of the incident and conclude with resuming of the normal ...
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Recruiting and Selecting High-Leveled Managers through the Internet

Introduction In the today’s digital era, the Internet and social media have been widely used to perform recruitment and selection activities. Although there is a variety of tools and methods available to facilitate the aforementioned business ...
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Samsung Electronics Company Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive Summary This marketing plan has been prepared as per the wish of the top executive to extend Samsung’s market horizons in the electronic industry. It has been developed to identify the possible future market for our ...
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Strategic Management

Understanding the impact of globalization, technology and other factors on businesses and industries is vital while learning business administration. In the recent years, technological advancement has become rampant, which has prompted businesses to ...
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Strategic Management: Forum Posts

1) Social capital is associated with the relationships people build in the working setting with other employees while collaborating on various tasks and projects, discussing work issues, and interacting with each other on a daily basis. Managers ...
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Strategic Threats

The UAE economy is forecasted to grow at 2.5% in 2016, recording the worst figure that is similar to the global economic crisis that hit the region in 2009 (International Monetary Fund, 2016). This figure gives an opportunity to look at the major ...
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Management: The Golden Palace Hotels

Introduction There is no organization that can plan in detail every aspect of its current or future actions. However, it can benefit from some idea of the direction which its operations are heading to and the means to get there. In other words, all ...
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The Role Of Age Determinant In Employees’ Affective Well-Being And Suppressed Emotions

Introduction Today’s labour market is characterized by the increased power of employers. As a result, the working environment becomes more challenging for associates because they are expected to meet the new demands that are constantly being ...
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The Role of State in Employment Relations

The relationship between an employer and employees has been a subject of debate among various scholars. It is commonly understood that employers and employees are the only parties that interact in employment relations. However, the state is a third ...
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Theology of Leadership: Leadership Interview

Introduction Leadership is one of the complex phenomena that permeate every sphere of human lives. While the definition of leadership varies across the board, it is evident that the demand for leaders in every day activities is growing ...
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