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The Influence of Islamic Civilization

Abstract The paper mainly concerns the essential trends of Islamic civilization influence. In the era of globalization, a vital topic is the Islamic world relations with Europe. The development of many areas of life is inextricably linked with the ...
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Lessons from the 2016 US Election

Introduction The US presidential elections of 2016 happened against a backdrop of political polarization in the country as regular Americans were increasingly divided. The presidential campaign between Trump and Clinton degenerated into an all-time ...
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MEGA Learning Business Simulation

Executive Summary As long as MEGA learning business simulation ends, it is necessary to evaluate a personal experience regarding the acquired knowledge and work in cooperation with other potential managers. That is why the following paper touches ...
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Plan to Promote the Value of APN Model to Homeless Elders Elderly people normally have homes when they are employed since they are able to pay for rent of the homes. However, when they retire, they normally face the problem of homelessness since ...
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Politics Of Ruling Parties In Senegal And Tanzania

Introduction Democracy in Africa has largely been based on the ruling political parties which in most countries have been labeled as illiberal autocracies. With the ruling parties being largely dominant, democracy in Africa has been taking the side ...
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Public Leader

Public Leader Overview Franklin Roosevelt was the 32nd president of the US. He was one of the greatest leaders in America. His success was determined by the manner of his leadership. His theory and styles of leadership made him a very influential ...
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Public Policy and Administration

Synopsis of ‘An Introduction to the Policy Process: Theories, Concepts, and Models of Public Policy Making’ by T. Birkland Public policy and administration play crucial role in the modern political life. In fact, representatives of ...
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Red-Sea Dead-Sea Project

Living under the conditions of continuous scarcity of water in the 21st century, when there are so many technological innovations, is something that is hard to imagine Unfortunately, the Jordanians have to live in fear of losing water due to the ...
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Strategies of Economic Development of India and China

The authors of books and articles about tendencies of economic development in China and India regard the countries as giants among emerging markets. Moreover, the states  represent more than one third of the world’s population. Both ...
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Terrorism Poses a Strategic Threat to the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is emphasizing the need to deal with the strategic threat, imposed by terrorist groups. Terrorism in the UAE, as well as in other countries, represents a serious threat to peace and security.  The country is ...
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