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PR Analysis of Project Everyone

Introduction of the Project The United Nations launched a program that has the agenda of improving the future of the world. The name of the program is the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The UN is a global non-governmental organization ...
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Differences between Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Research

Introduction Research is an essential process of new knowledge acquisition. In the world of science, there are two general approaches to gathering and reporting information: quantitative and qualitative methods. According to Allwood (2012), the ...
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Racial Prejudice

If one asks random people on the street about racism, there is a good chance that they, despite their skin color, will state that it does no longer exist in the U.S. Nowadays, even many people of color believe that racial issues are exaggerated and ...
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Realism, Liberalism, and Marxism in the East Asian Economy

Summary International political economy is a field that focuses on the relationship between power and flow of goods, capital, and labor. It covers this in three major theories, including the realist theory, the liberalism theory, and the Marxist ...
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Reflection on 10 Philosophers

Reflection on 10 Philosophers Ibn Khaldun Ibn Khaldun was an Arabian Muslim philosopher, historian and social thinker. He was born on May 27, 1332 inTunis, North Africa (Leaman, 2013, p. 94). Since 1382, he lived in Cairo, occupying the post of ...
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Research Methods for Business

Time Management Introduction Nowadays, people live in a difficult and interesting world. In order to succeed, every person has to develop soft skills, set priorities, and accurately define the time needed for an effective task accomplishment. Time ...
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Rise and Fall of the Early Days of the World Wide Web

Introduction Radical achievements that bring substantial changes to the lives of every individual on the face of the Earth happen not very often. However, when they do, their impact is astonishing. One of such achievements is the establishment of ...
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Roof Water Harvesting

Roof Water Harvesting In California In California, the atmospheric patterns associated with droughts have frequently occurred in the recent years. Extreme temperatures, pressure patterns, and little precipitation have reduced the amount of rainfall ...
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Service Marketing

Introduction Successful businesses operate under the myriad of strategic and technical situations. The products’ or services’ value faces various opportunities and threats from the time raw materials are extracted to the time when they ...
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Summary of Presentations

Life of Astronauts by Ph.D., P.E. Lee Moradi The goal of the current presentation is to generalize the description of major steps required for becoming an astronaut. Moreover, it discusses the benefits of modern world gained from the researches ...
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