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Physical Bullying

Bullying has been a perennial issue in any school. It is a habitual domination of others through the use of force, coercion, threats, abuse, intimidation, or aggression to people who are physically or socially inferior. Bullying is not only ...
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Plath and Sexton

In the 1950s and the 1960s, two female poets radically altered the American literature when they created groundbreaking masterworks that focused on the struggles that they encountered in their respective lives. Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton’s ...
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Prohibition’s Failure in Canada

Alcohol Prohibition in Canada has considerably changed the lifestyle, habits, and views of the society. The researchers view this phenomenon from the position of law, sociology, psychology, and economics. However, there is a need for the ...
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Racial Biases and Their Influence on Modern Education

Humanity exists in the world that is full of similarities and differences. Each member of modern society is a unique personality with his or her own origin, culture, religion and morals. Some of these features may draw one closer to other people, ...
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Significance of Confucian Rituals

Introduction The long period of development and spiritual appeal rendered Confucianism one of the popular world religions. The immense popularity suggests that the peace-loving philosophy has the potential to meet the religious needs of the ...
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The Significance of Ritual in Confucius’ Teachings

China is one of the oldest civilized countries in the world. Its written history envelops almost five thousand years, and the idea of high antiquity and eternity of the Celestial Empire in modern conditions encourages Chinese thinkers to harmonize ...
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Transforming Masculinity and Gender Inequality

Gender studies became widely spread in recent years. Currently they turn a big amount of attention to the research of male features and masculinity as inseparable characteristics of the male social group. One of the most important theoretical ...
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Violence against Women

Whereas some of the nations have started to revise the females’ role in the society as well as provided them with the basic legal guarantees, the others still cannot face the problem of violence against women and provide a competent and ...
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