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Proofreading Services

Buy-Custom-Writings.com offers professional proofreading services as a means of ensuring your academic papers meet the discerning standards of today’s educational establishments. You will enjoy the following advantages when you use Buy-Custom-Writings.com’s services.

Buy-Custom-Writings.com’s Proofreading Services

By availing of the services of the professional proofreaders at Buy-Custom-Writings.com, you can be certain your academic paper will meet your precise instructions with absolutely no errors in grammar, spelling, language usage and so on. Our proofreading service differs from those of our online competitors insofar as our team is made up of expert writers and professional editors who have been educated to college and university level, with each individual being fully conversant with the many complexities and nuances of our native language – English. The proofreaders at Buy-Custom-Writings.com go through every word, sentence and paragraph with a fine toothcomb, making sure every paper is up to the standards of academic institutions all over the USA. Better still, you can avail of Buy-Custom-Writings.com’s online and mobile communication facilities to stay in touch 24x7 with the experts working on your assignment – our guarantee to you!

These are the three steps you need to follow to order proofreading services from Buy-Custom-Writings.com:

  1. Complete the mandatory fields on the order page    
  2. Choose your preferred method of payment and submit your order for processing  
  3. Wait for an email notifying you that your paper is ready

You will see different options on Buy-Custom-Writings.com’s order page when you go there to buy proofreading services, buy editing services or even buy essays. The price of our service depends on your educational level, the number of pages you need, and the timescale you allow for us to proofread your paper. The price calculator on that page will estimate the cost of the work, which you should find quite reasonable.

Shortly after receiving your payment, we will then select and allocate a suitably-skilled proofreader to your assignment. You can pay by phone, online through PayPal, or by using a debit or credit card from any of the main card providers (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa).    

The interfaces on our web and mobile sites offer different options to help you remain in contact with the proofreader working on your paper. This person will answer your questions promptly and, likewise, revision requests will be dealt with swiftly. You will receive a notification by email to your inbox or by message to your smartphone when your paper is ready.

The Facilities at Buy-Custom-Writings.com

The messaging system at Buy-Custom-Writings.com was designed so that you and your allocated proofreader can maintain contact 24x7. Once you ask for our assistance with proofreading, your helper will be watching out for any messages from you in case you have any questions or they need you to clarify some point. From the minute your order is submitted, you should find it easy to use our messaging system and, thereby, help us provide you with a perfectly-polished product.

Mobile Capability

It is now possible to access Buy-Custom-Writings.com from wherever you are owing to our new mobile website. Irrespective of whether you want to contact your proofreader whilst on the move or just because you prefer the convenience of using a mobile device to a computer, our new site provides the facility for you to exchange messages from an Android, iPhone or iPad device. Provided you are within the range of a Wi-Fi service, you will have the wherewithal to check up on your paper’s progress and provide further information or instructions from just about anywhere, whether travelling, shopping, dining, relaxing with friends, walking or working out in the gym,

Our Policy on Revisions

If or when you decide you would like Buy-Custom-Writings.com to help you write an essay, we offer an unlimited number of revisions, provided you let us know about your requirements within 7 (seven) days of receiving your completed paper. Then our writers have up to 3 (three) days to revise your paper and return it. We realize that the instructions provided by most professors are quite stringent and that, at times, several revisions may be needed before a paper exactly matches your specification. For these and other reasons, the writers and proofreaders at Buy-Custom-Writings.com are sufficiently fast and flexible to deal with revisions in a way that will render you a perfect paper.   

An All-American Writing Team

With an all-American team of experts, Buy-Custom-Writings.com differs from other providers in our field, primarily insofar as other companies outsource projects to foreign destinations. In many of these cases, the work is poor quality because English is not the first or native language of the writers, editors and proofreaders. In contrast, all the native English speaking staff at Buy-Custom-Writings.com were born and brought up in the USA and fully understand all the quirks and complexities of our native language, which is English. Their grammar (pronoun and tense use) is perfect as is their spelling and punctuation. With impressive degrees in numerous academic disciplines, everyone in our team is well qualified to write fresh papers, and proofread or edit existing papers on just about every topic   

Essay Topics and Essay Descriptions


Abortion: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? – A Sample Argumentative Essay

If the essay you’ve just written is to impress your tutor, it should have no grammar, diction or syntax errors. The sample argumentative essay we provide here on the subject of abortion has been proofread to Buy-Custom-Writings.com’s high quality standards.  You will enjoy the same polished results if you choose to have your papers proofread by our professionally-qualified all-American experts.    


Gun Laws – Sample Research Paper

It can be difficult enough to discuss the hot topics presented in an essay, but particularly so if the paper has not been edited and proofread to ensure its structure and grammar is correct. Our sample paper on gun control has been professionally proofread to ensure those who read it will take it seriously.


The Legal Age for Drinking Alcohol

The legal age for drinking alcohol is one of several controversial issues in the USA. As the law currently stands, an individual is not legally permitted to purchase or consume alcohol if they have not yet reached the age of 21. Our sample paper examines the case for and against lowering the current legal age.


Quality Standards and Proofreading Services

If you want to make a start on your assignment by yourself, no need to worry. You can avail of our glossary of terms and other advisory information to create high-quality academic papers. This information is suitable for students at both graduate school and college level. And don’t forget the option to buy a custom paper remains open if the going gets too tough.   

Checking Papers for Mistakes

Prior to handing in a term paper or any type of assignment to be graded by a tutor, it is really important that it is proofread for grammatical and spelling errors. No matter whether the assignment is long or short, and regardless of whether the subject matter is difficult or easy to write and/or understand, it needs to be checked word-for-word for the type of careless mistakes that are not always easy to spot. While spell checkers and other digital correction technologies are great, they should not be depended upon entirely, not when trivial mistakes could downgrade your coursework. The best and only method of ensuring perfection is the eagle eye of a professional proofreader like those at Buy-Custom-Writings.com.  .

Fresh Pair of Eyes

It is the little errors that are often overlooked by those who try to proofread their own papers because the human eye tends to overlook situations where prepositions are missing and where words are used repeatedly. It is often the case that a person’s mind’s eye sees only what it wishes to see in text that person has written themselves. Put another way, a writer will image that words they intended to use are actually there when they read back over their work rather than look at the words that are really written there. It is these types of errors that a fresh pair of eyes or a third party are better at catching – a person other than the writer. The proofreaders at Buy-Custom-Writings.com are expert at spotting all types of mistakes, both large and small, and have actually been responsible for improved grades in many cases.

As well as fine-tuning and polishing all types of papers, the proofreaders at Buy-Custom-Writings.com also scrutinize documents for legibility and coherence. For this reason too, it is best to have a professional proofreader look over your essay, because where a paper may have no spelling errors, it is not really ready for submission if it isn’t clear or doesn’t flow well. From time to time, a tutor will talk about these issues during their course. Nonetheless, not everyone is good at writing. It may be that you are attending a literature or writing class as part of your course, or you may be undertaking a course that is in no way related to the English language, yet your science or business studies tutor will most likely be very particular about the grammar, spelling, syntax and flow of your papers. Buy-Custom-Writings.com’s proofreading service is a way of ensuring your paper lives up to every expectation, no matter how good or bad your own writing abilities. 

Buy-Custom-Writings.com Will Find All Types of Mistakes, However They Happen

It may even be the case that you consider yourself a very good writer and you may even have the accolades and certificates to prove it. Even some of the most renowned writers in the world can fall prey to grammatical errors, poor structure, illogical flow and typos. Very often such writers may be talented wordsmiths but still need external help when it comes to arranging their prose into a legible, smooth-flowing narrative. Another scenario may be where the writer lets the words spill from their pen and prefer to leave the job of cleaning up to others. The above are just some of the reasons why there is a need for proofreaders and editors – to refine and polish the words of talented scholars and authors.  

If authors and those in journalistic jobs need proofreading services, it is certainly necessary for college students, irrespective of whether you are a great writer or just writing a paper to fulfill the requirements of your course. The professionals at Buy-Custom-Writings.com are specialist editors and proofreaders and they are here to make sure your papers meet the exacting criteria of tutors and publishers.   

Vetting Procedures

The excellent proofreading services offered by Buy-Custom-Writings.com are backed by a guarantee that we use rigorous vetting procedures when recruiting new team members. As well as expecting proofreaders and writers to be native English speakers, and be excellent at it, they are also expected to have managed heavy workloads and come through challenging assignments on the way to achieving high-ranking degrees in all types of disciplines, from history, business and economics, to art, literature and science. In other words, they were once in your shoes with exacting standards to meet, deadlines to beat and tough courses to get through. Having successfully met those objectives, the experts at Buy-Custom-Writings.com now want to use their knowledge and talent to help you get to the same place.   

To Conclude

At Buy-Custom-Writings.com, we realize that competition for jobs in today’s market is fierce and that everyone needs great grades to get the degree they are aiming for before starting their dream career. However good or bad your writing skills are, you will have to face many difficult writing assignments during your time at college. No matter whether it is with grammar, spelling, format or structure you need help, the best proofreading services in the business are provided by Buy-Custom-Writings.com. Although many of our rivals are more expensive for poorer quality output or smaller amounts of it in order to outsource customer projects, Buy-Custom-Writings.com maintains reasonable prices with all work undertaken by highly-qualified professional writers, proofreaders and editors. 

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