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Topic and Description

Research Paper on Psychology and Motivation

The APA format is a standard used for academic papers and is particularly popular in science and psychology courses. This sample paper on the psychology of motivation shows a clear example of how the format works.

Psychology and Sociology of Serial Killers

The APA format can be tough for many students. This sample paper on the psychology of serial killers has a fully formatted APA reference page and is a clear example of how to make it all work.

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What Is the APA Format Like?

The APA format entails a 8.5x11 inch arrangement with a one-inch margin. The Times New Roman font is usually utilized but the Arial format may also work. A page number is also listed at the top right corner of the page while a running header is on the left side.

Four crucial sections are also required in the paper. These entail the title page, an abstract, a body and the references page. An abstract is not always required but some classes will request it. You must inform your writer about whether or not this is needed before your paper can be written.

A title page is needed alongside a running head. The abstract is a summary of whatever the paper is about and should be around 150 to 250 words long. The main body will contain the key information you want to share although the body structure can vary based on the type of class you are in.

Meanwhile, the references are at the end and will showcase the sources in the paper. There are very specific standards over how you can list them in the middle of the document and how they are organized at the very end. Our writers understand all the finer points that come with using this format.

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