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The Book Critique Purchasing Steps

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How to Create Book Critiques?

Some may state that book critique is a simple summary. However, they will be wrong, and our writers understand the difference. A decent book critique will address the topic and ideas of the analyzed book. It will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the content and will address logical fallacies if needed. Depending on whether you need the analysis of the whole book or a few chapters, out writers will create as many pages of content for you as needed.

There is a special format that all book critiques should follow. First of all, the writer will familiarize the reader with the book’s title, author, main theme and similar details. He will provide a smooth introduction and then move on to criticizing the needed parts, as in the further provided samples.


Topic and Details


Paper on Ibsen's Plays

This is a sample book critique of Ibsen and his different literary and theatrical works.


Research Paper on Monet’s Career

This is a sample review of the autobiography of the life of a famous artist named Monet.


When it comes to the purpose that the book is intended for, it is necessary to respond to the following questions:

  • Why did the author choose exactly this topic?
  • What is the book’s point of view (is it first person, second or third person? Or is it a combination)?
  • What is the author's main intention that can be deciphered from the book?
  • What is the genre and how is it manifested?
  • What is the intended audience?
  • What is book’s style of writing? (i.e., is it formal or informal?)

It is also important to discover the correct topic, or theme, of the work. While some books can be easy to comprehend with respect to the topic, others may be more intricate.

A theme may have several different forms: argumentative, expository, narrative or descriptive, or there may be a combination of these styles.

What is argumentative? 

  • Argumentative theme seeks to convince the reader of something and hypothetically act based on that belief. 
  • The main purpose is to persuade the reader of some fact or facts.

What is descriptive? 

  • Descriptive text uncovers particular details that appeal to reader’s mind. 
  • The goal of descriptive text is to help the reader comprehend some facts through certain occurrences.

What is expository?

  • Expository pieces utilize accurate analysis to showcase an idea or clarify a subject. 
  • The purpose of expository texts is to propose facts about an issue by explaining it as carefully as possible.

What is narrative?

  • Narratives usually demonstrate a particular sequence of occurrences. 
  • Authors may make use of various literary devices, especially in fictions, in order to underline the importance of some special events. 
  • Narratives are applicable to both fictitious and non-fictitious writing. 
  • The purpose of narrative writing is as simple as revealing some story.

After the importance of the book has been elucidated, the book critique can be evaluated on the basis of clear representation of thoughts and ideas. 

The summarizing section of the book critique will discuss concluding points and present well-analyzed arguments.

If the writer is supposed to address more sources than just the book itself, he will cite all of them properly in the list of references. In such a way, be sure to indicate the needed formatting style, which will not only define the bibliography list format, but also the overall style of the paper.

Book Critique from

When buying a book critique from, the first thing that the writer will consider is whether the literary work belong to fiction or non-fiction. A fictional literary work has characters, plot sections, and settings, whereas a non-fictional work does not have these elements. The assigned writer will address your book critique professionally. We train our staff to be considerate and careful when creating their work, and good incentives motivate them to act responsibly. If you decide to purchase a book critique from, you can be assured that you will receive a 100% original work. Our writers are very serious about their work. 

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