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How to Craft a Good Reaction Paper

A good reaction paper is quite similar to a traditional essay or a more complex research paper in the sense that it requires a thesis and an argument. However, while essays and reaction papers demand impartiality and objectivity in judgments, a reaction paper opens new venues for students’ self-expression, letting them express their emotions and opinions about a specific subject. It is in a reaction paper that can use first-person pronouns and speak on your own behalf. Do not hesitate to use “I think”, “I believe”, “I suppose”, when dealing with this kind of task.

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If you decide that will not be your helper when you face another reaction paper task, make sure you follow correct formatting and style that are suitable for this kind of work. Reaction papers are different from dissertations and research papers. They will have a different, more flexible structure. Actually, there is no single accepted standard for reaction paper writing. Just follow the requirements of your professor, and you will never lose!

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Reaction Paper Writing - The Most Essential Elements

Every reaction paper is unique. Still, you should follow a number of principles and requirements to produce an outstanding work. First, as with other academic works, make sure you include a fascinating, engaging introduction and a well-designed conclusion. These elements are a must, when it comes to reaction paper writing. Your reader must grasp the idea of your work and follow the logic of your argument.

Another important element of any reaction paper will differ from the elements required for other types of written work. Here, you will have to provide a comprehensive, concise, and accurate summary of the subject matter. To craft and express an opinion about a book, a movie, or anything else, you will have to spend a great deal of time understanding its contents and structure. You opinion paper should contain a summary of the subject matter in ways that delineate its strongest and weakest parts.

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Your introduction will differ from the one you would craft, had you been writing an essay, a dissertation, or a research paper. Use your introductory paragraph to describe briefly the work you are going to react to.

For instance, if your task is to express your opinion on the recent changes in same-sex law in America, you will first need to summarize what it is exactly that took place in the U.S. legal system that you want to analyze. Are you going to discuss the impacts of the new law on the U.S. society, or do you want to dig deeper into how it fits in the spirit of freedom that is characteristic of the 21st century? Ask these questions, before you start working on your opinion piece.

You cannot write a good reaction paper, if you fail to communicate a clear message in your introductory paragraph. This message should inform the reader what you are going to describe.

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Now that you are done with your reaction paper introduction, do not forget about summary. It is equally important to guarantee the highest quality of your work.

For example, if you are reacting to a modern psychology book, you may want to consider the period, during which the book was written. Remember that contemporary times are full of events and happenings, many of which could have influenced your opinion about the book. So, you will also have to include a summary of these events to inform your readers.

Thus, the summary element of your reaction paper is as important as your introduction. It provides your reader with the information he or she may need to understand the purpose and essence of the work.

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Now it is time to switch to the analysis of the piece you are reacting to. This is probably the key component of your reaction paper.

If you want to produce a perfect reaction paper, you must be comprehensive, accurate, and reasonable in your judgments. Getting back to a modern psychology book, you may need to delineate its strongest and weakest sides and express your grounded, evidence-based opinion about it. Do not forget to use facts from the book to illustrate your findings!

For instance, you may wish to speak about whether the author of the book uses an easy-to-read language, so that a broad, unprofessional audience could easily understand its message. You can refer to the difficulties you encountered, when reading the book. You may find it problematic to critique the book without becoming too harsh in your opinions. We are always here, if you need our professional opinion paper writing help.

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At the end, do not forget to include a concluding paragraph that wraps up your argument and opinion. Ave

A conclusion is actually the last but not the least important element of any reaction paper. This is where you summarize your feelings and opinions about the book, movie, or anything else you are analyzing. Don’t include any citations or quotations in your conclusion. It should not contain any new information. Simply reiterate what you have written in your body paragraphs.

In other words, your conclusion is designed to reinforce the validity of your central argument. Use it to outline the key message of your work. Include some information about why you believe your opinion may be important to others and whether you think your readers should read the book or watch the movie you are reacting to.

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