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Topic and Description


Essay on the Healthcare System in the UK

The Healthcare system in the UK has its benefits and drawbacks. The following research paper is supposed to give some pieces of advice how the work of the UK healthcare system could be improved and what problems should be solved by the government, or what drawback should be eliminated.


Essay on the Economy of Greece

The following research paper outline should give clear insights into the economic situation that Greece is currently facing. This research dwells on the reasons, impacts and future consequences of the situation. Some predictions regarding further economic development are given as well.


How Should a Research Outline Be Structured?

The structure of a research outline should be very simple. You should follow a common research format. If you have decided to buy a research outline of your work, our writers will follow only the best possible format to guarantee you what you want. Have a look at the structure of a research outline:


  1. Present the key issue or idea;
  2. Use the topic-related terms;
  3. Recent theories;
  4. Hypothesis or Thesis (main argument or claim);
  5. Methodology (it shows how you are planning to prove that your ideas or considerations are either true or false);
  6. Review of the relevant literature (what other researchers or scholars have dwelt on it)
    1. Use from three to six articles.
    2. Consider the size of your work.

Tip: Your introduction is supposed to take about 20% of the whole work. For instance, for a twenty-page research, four or three pages will be enough.

Main Body

  1. The First Point
    1. Data to back up your work;
    2. Relevance to the set claim or thesis;
  2. The Second Point
    1. Reliable data, facts, as well as quotes;
    2. Relevance to you thesis;
  3. Follow this for all the sections or sub-sections.

Tip: If you are writing a research with data or its analysis, then you should include charts, tables, graphs and other details, for instance, sample size, demographics, ..etc.)

Discussion and Conclusion

  1. Make a review of key points;
  2. Give an assessment of validity of the set claims based on the certain pieces of evidence;
  3. Give some recommendations for further research;
  4. Point out the research limitations (optional)

Academic Sources

It is very difficult and time-consuming to find the reliable sources that can be used in your research outline. Remember that these sources are of great significance. When you conduct research online, avoid using the first sites or blogs that appear on your screen. You should always pay attention to the trusted peer-reviewed journals or articles that are provided only by the reliable databases. The following sources will assist you in completing your research. Remember that all the sources given in the outline should be used in your research paper. Finding decent and reliable sources online can be a very hard task to accomplish. Luckily, our company has such a list prepared. Please find some of the most trusted and reliable databases that will assist you in your research:

JSTOR: The following database is for different humanities courses (sociology, history, literature, education, art...etc.). It contains a great number of scientific articles as well. You may get access to this database from the website of your library. Clear out all the details before you start using it.

EBSCOhost is a superb database for the sciences. Special access may be needed from your university or college. The following database is a well of various sources on different fields of science.

Google Scholar is currently considered to be one of the most reliable sources for different academic articles, books, and journals. On this website, you can find different links to other oonline libraries offered by Google. Please note that there could be restricted access to some sources. Thus, you should use them very carefully and accordingly. Google Scholar lets its customers save some citations. Use Google whenever you need!

PubMed: The National Library of Medicine (NIH) sponsors this database. When you need a research outline for your chemistry or zoology class, our writers or you may use various sources from the following database.

If you are tired or should fulfill other tasks, you may always give us a call or send an email. Our representatives will help you buy a research outline.  Our professionals will complete your work instead of you with pleasure.  

Application of the Right Style

When completing any research outline, you should carefully consider which citation style you are supposed to apply. Depending on the subject, it may vary very significantly. For instance, economics or history classes use the Chicago Style. This style requires that your paper has endnotes, footnotes, and some other elements. You should have a close look at the most widely used citation styles given below. In most cases, your supervisors will tell you which style should be used by you. If no style is mentioned, you should choose it depending on your discipline. Find some frequently used citation styles and their requirements for every discipline:

MLA Style is for the Humanities and the English classes. If you are to write the first research papers in college, the following citation style should definitely be used by you. Consider using proper in-text citations and references. Here is a sample paper if you need. 

APA Style is used for social sciences and psychology. The American Psychological Association (APA) provides a manual for how to prepare papers. Follow precisely the headings that the following style requires. Follow the guidelines as well. 

Chicago Style is used for Humanities classes, such as history or economics. It requires endnotes, footnotes, as well as a bibliography. If you should use this style, pay attention to its requirements and read guidelines that are to be strictly followed. You should carefully use each of the above-mentioned styles. 

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography Paper

If you have made up your mind to buy a research outline, you should know that our company provides an annotated bibliography. The provision of such a bibliography is one of our services to a research outline. The annotated bibliography can help you in writing your research paper. Professors or teachers may make you prepare the outline as it helps you in writing your research or study. A bibliography with clear annotations explains how you are planning to accomplish your academic study or research. Writing a research outline can be a difficult task. Once you manage to do this, you will surely get ready to start your research paper. You may find a sample annotated bibliography to have a clear understanding of what it has to look like when it has been ready.

The value of competing a decent annotated bibliography is that it allows you to know when a source is relevant or not to your research or study. Sometimes, teachers may require only several sources for your research works. To feel safe, you should use some sources in every work. An annotated bibliography helps you in defining the relevance of every source used in your research.

What should not be done in a good Research Outline

Below is the list of some things that you should avoid while writing a research outline. 

  • Being detailed and verbose: Only key ideas or thoughts should be given.
  • Making your annotated bibliography very short: Three or four sentences can be enough to present key points of each source.
  • Not using peer reviewed sources: Teachers usually get crazy when they see the outlines or works without such sources. Use only trusted and reliable sources.
  • Not providing decent evidence: Remember that you should back up all the points and thesis statements with decent pieces of evidence. If you fail to do this, a bad grade will surely wait for you. 

The following guidelines could help you in writing an excellent work, outline, or annotated bibliography. Try to do your best to get a good grade. If you fail to follow our guidelines, then you will be made to rewrite or revise your research.

About the Following Guide, the most trusted and reliable company in the industry of academic writing, has provided the following guide to help you. Our company specializes in writing essays, outlines, theses, annotated, and other papers. You may contact us or place your online order on our site. 



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