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Custom Research Paper Writing Service

We want to emphasize that your research work will be written according to the specific requirements set by you. To start working with us, you should place your order on our site, give all the necessary details and information, or send any materials you consider relevant. The rest will be done by our competent writers and responsible staff. Once your order is verified, we will inform you that a writer begins working on your paper. The ready product will be sent to you as quickly as possible. We simplify the process for you to save time and efforts. If your writer wants to clear out something, she or he will send you a message via our messaging system worked out by our company.

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Unlimited Number of Revisions

The first paper sent by an writing services writer may be the first draft. If you think that some changes ought to be made, then you should contact your writer or our representative. Your writer will follow all the remarks suggested by you or your teacher. You can get several drafts, depending on work’s complexity or your deadline. Our company guarantees you the unlimited number of revision until you are pleased. Once the work is finished by the writer, it will be edited by our editors. Contrary to our competitors, our company has a team of the well-educated editors. They are supposed to follow whether the writer has met all the requirements and remarks set by you. They can also correct some minor grammar or spelling mistakes, as well as the style of formatting. It is worth noting that since writing service provides the works of the highest quality, the revision rate is very low. The goal of your company is to satisfy every customer. When you are happy, we are happy as well.

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Pleased Customers

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Good Topics for Good Research Works

Some topics can turn out to be very tricky for students to write on. Our company may offer you the necessary information, tips or guides on such topics. When you have decided to buy research papers from our company, you should inform us about the given or chosen topic. Remember that the topic is the most essential thing that you should ponder about. The success of your research depends on the topic you are choosing now. We offer a list of the most controversial and popular topics that are usually given to students. We know that professors and teachers like the following topics. Have a look at the topics given below:

  • Gun Control: Because of the increasing rate of shootings at public places, the U.S Congress has introduced the laws to control different kind of weapons in the USA. The implementation of these laws has resulted in various misunderstandings and contradictions within the American society. Gun Control Research Paper >>
  • Gay Marriage: This topic has been heatedly discussed not only in the USA, but also in the whole world. What are pros and cons of such marriages? Should they be legalized? Gay Marriage Resources >>
  • Social Networks: With the age of social media and social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and others, many researchers and scholars wonder what impacts they will have on people’s health, communication and development. This topic is very popular among students because they can dwell on the technologies and tools that they use in their every-day life. Social Networks and Societal Impact Research Paper >>
  • Marijuana Legalization: In some states of the USA, marijuana is legalized. Some conservatives believe that marijuana legalization will contribute to further flourishing of drug addiction in the USA.  Marijuana Legalization Research Paper >>
  • Women's Rights in the Workplace: Nowadays, women seem to have the same rights as men. In most cases, these rights are just ignored by men. The superiority of men has been witnessed everywhere, and the workplace is not an exception. Feminists state that the women's rights in the workplace should be paid a lot of attention to. Women's Rights Research Paper >>
  • Patriot Act, Too Far?: The life of the American citizens and the history of the USA has been drastically changed since 9/11. In order to protect the country and its citizens, the President and the Government have introduced The Patriot Act. The act allows the federal government to check all the people’s email messages, phones, etc.
  • Muslims in the United States: The Islamic religion and Muslims have been treated differently in the USA since 9/11. It is known that there are many branches in this religion, and radical Islam is one of them. There should be no place for religion discrimination in the USA. Muslims in the West Research Paper >>
  • Problems in Education: There have been many contradictions what subjects or disciplines should not or should be taught at the U.S educational institutions. This research paper dwells on various points of view and possible solutions given by several parties. Research Paper on Problems in Education >>

You can order a research on one of the above-suggested topics or you can indicate the topic chosen by you, for instance, “Will Spanish Be Recognized the Second National Language in the USA?” When you purchase a work from our company, you will get a well-written work on any topic you wish. Our writers have access to an unlimited number of sources on any topic. They will do their best to provide you with the well-structured paper, with strong arguments.

How Should a Research Work Be Structured?

If you decide not to purchase a custom research paper, then the process of writing a decent work with a good structure can turn out to be very problematic for you. But you should always use a template or model that you can follow. We will try to explain you in brief how your work is supposed to be structured. If your task is to write ten- or fifteen-page work, then the structure model given below helps you a lot.

Introduction: Its length can vary from two paragraphs to one page. In this part, you should introduce the chosen topic and provide some topic-related information. You may also indicate the key terms that will be used in your work. For instance, you have chosen the topic “Pros and Cons of Cloning People”, then such key terms as cloning, gene, DNA, RNA or genetics can be used in your research or work. If necessary, you can give full forms of the key terms, for example, DNA - deoxyribonucleic acid or RNA - ribonucleic acid.

Plan of Attack: It will be very clever of you to devote a paragraph to the outline of your work’s organizational structure. It shows your reader how you are planning to present your arguments. One or two sentences for each key part or section of your work will be enough.

Thesis Statement: The final paragraph in your introduction should be devoted to the thesis statement. The thesis statement could be either expository or argumentative. To make it clear, you either elaborate on the chosen topic or try to convince your reader that your position is right. In your thesis statement, you should clearly outline what you are going to prove. 

Body Paragraphs: They are of great significance as well. The body paragraphs should include the topic sentences. Then relevant data, pieces of evidence, quotes from the reliable sources should be used by you to support your ideas or points of view. Whenever you use quotes, you should provide your understanding using your own words. Consider that everything should be interconnected with the thesis statement given in the introduction.

Conclusion: Its length can vary from one to two paragraphs. In the following part, you should just restate your thesis statement in one or two sentences. Then you can provide your findings and results.

Research Papers and Common Styles

It is of great significance for you to apply the right style for your research or paper. For instance, most history papers will use either Turabian or Chicago (CMS). Endnote, footnotes and a bibliography are some of the peculiar features of these styles. In most cases, teachers indicate what citation style should be used by students. If you are not aware of which style you are supposed to use, see the glossary given on our site. The follow glossary provides the necessary information that you can use for writing your research or any other paper.

We ensure that all the style requirements will also be met by our writers and editors. Our company is very proud of the team of writers and editors that are the best experts in writing and formatting. They do know that the style of citation can vary, depending on discipline. 

For instance, if you should complete a psychology research, then you have to use the APA style. The following style has specific requirements and features. Below you can find some APA requirements:

Title Page: Only the basic information should be provided (the title of the work, student’s name and last name, the name of the institution).  

Abstract represents a summary of your work. It should comprise relevant and important information. The keywords are given at the end of the abstract.

Running Head is a heading that is usually capitalized. It is on the top of each page. It represents a shortened title of your work, just one or tree words

Headings: You can bold first level headings. The other headings can be just italicized. 

References Page should be completed in accordance with the APA style rules. The following rules and guidelines are given the APA style manual (the 6-th edn.).

What is the Easiest Way I Can Use to Cite My Sources?

Have you read all the above information? Terrified? Stop panic! We will give some hints and tips what you should do to make the process easier. – The First among the Best The following service allows its visitors to add the sources and then to format them according to the needed style. We would like to stress that it is FREE. No charges are taken.

Microsoft Office - Unique Features of Windows and Office

Microsoft Office allows the users to cite any sources as quickly as possible. First, Click References-> Endnotes/Footnotes. Then Office adds all the necessary items without much extra work. The automatic citation tools allow saving all the references you need.

Microsoft Office can also assist the users in editing their works for, spelling, grammar, as well as style.

Formatting and Editing of Research Papers

If you have written your research paper, there is one more phase left for you to cope with. You should thoroughly read and edit your paper. There are a great number of services that can help you in doing this.

Before you start editing your work, you should check for some formatting peculiarities and requirements. You can always use a sample work to see whether you are on the right track. Then you should pay attention to the structure of your work. If you have already read the above-given information, then you know that you should follow a specific structure or model while writing your research paper. The format works for the number of papers that you will be given by your teachers. It is worth noting that the format of a research paper is rather accurate. While writing a research paper, you should keep the balance – the whole work (100%) = introduction (15%) + body (70%) + conclusion (15%). The following writing pattern can help you a lot in completing not only a research paper, but also other kinds of writing.

You should try to avoid some pitfalls while writing your work. For instance, you should avoid using too many quotes. All the quotes used in the work should be cited accordingly to avoid plagiarism.

Why Should I Order Research Papers from

Our writing service is the most trusted company in the industry of academic writing. If you consider buying research papers online, you are always welcome! Want to know why we are the best? Here is the answer: Availability, Simplicity, Privacy, Safety, and Quality. When you buy research papers from us, all the above-mentioned benefits will be guaranteed. Here are some more benefits:

  1. Works written from scratch;
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We help students from different parts of the world. You can easily find our company on the Internet. If you have managed to find our site, you may hesitate whether to place the first order or not. We do understand your hesitation. Believe purchasing a research paper from our company will help you in opening new horizons. The first work delivered to you will change your attitude towards us.

Research Paper Writing Guide

Our company can cope with all the problems, difficulties and concerns of yours. If you do not need our services, take into account what you could face with. You can spend hours, days or months looking for the topic-related sources, preparing notes, working in the libraries or consulting with your teachers regarding your topic, etc. The second option is that you can use one of the topics provided by us and complete your work by yourself. You can also use some tips, guides or samples of the papers on our website. Again, there is a lot of work left for you to cope with. You can have all the material and sources ready, but it is very difficult to start writing your ten-page work. The fast approaching deadline, annoyed teachers, and the work that has not been started yet could turn your life into a real nightmare. The best way out for you in these situations is to buy any types of work from our company. We will write your work from scratch or if you wish, change or complete what you have done so far. Believe you will not be disappointed with the result.

Brainstorm and Make a Research Paper Outline

Each professor teaches his/her students how they should prepare an outline before they begin writing their papers. The outline helps students in organizing their ideas and future research. The outline shows a professor whether a student has been chosen the right direction of his/her research. Our writers have training in outline writing, and it is not a problem for them to complete it for you.

Find Research Paper Sources

You have chosen a topic and have just finished the outline. What is supposed to be done next? It is high time for you to look for the topic-related and reliable sources. If our writers complete your work, you should indicate how many sources you need or want to have. Our experienced authors use only scholarly databases, such as Google Scholar, EBSCOHost, and JSTOR. They know that your teachers want reliable papers and articles from the peer-reviewed journals and not from blogs, social media or yellow press.

Other Alternatives

While buying a research work online is the only solution for some students, it is unacceptable for the others. For instance, academic writing can be expensive since it may require a lot of research. In case you do not have a lot of money, you can always use other services offered by the companies specializing in academic writing. You can order a proposal or outline of your work that you will complete by yourself. If you consider that your work should be proofread, you may order editing services.


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