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Every writer on our team knows how to craft an excellent essay. Our US experts realize what is needed to make sure your persuasive essay is of the quality you expect by understanding, in the first instance, what is meant by a persuasive essay.  The definition of persuasion is presenting information in a way that demonstrates its meaning. Therefore, a persuasive essay should be concise and capable of withstanding the various criticisms and controversial issues that may arise from the writer’s argument(s). When crafting an effective persuasive essay, the writer develops their own persuasive powers. When customers buy persuasive essays online from, our company ensures that these are accurate, specific, packed with detail and, most importantly, have the power to persuade! A persuasive essay’s purpose is to convince the audience of the validity of a particular topic, idea or opinion. Therefore, its presentation must be convincing or your written work will not be able to sway your readers. The argument(s) in a persuasive essay must be supported by robust and credible facts. In typical fashion, being persuasive requires the use of ethos, pathos and logos, all of which are constructs to influence the type of persuasive power you want to wield over your audience. Constructs are usually used to make various forms of “appeal.” 

  • Ethos, such as validation by a noteworthy and respected subject matter expert, is used to add credibility or appeal to the reader’s sense of ethics.
  • Pathos, such as a sorrowful anecdote warning of the dangers of something or other, is a type of emotional appeal to readers.
  • Logos, such as facts, statistics and the like, are used to appeal to the reader’s sense of reason.

The writer’s perspective on a subject should be clarified for the reader in a persuasive essay. It should flow nice and smoothly in terms of reason and logic, and the writer’s thoughts should be prioritized in order of importance. Another aspect of a persuasive essay is that it should have a strong conclusion that unambiguously meets its purpose, which is to persuade the audience.Any persuasive essays you purchase from will demonstrate a strength of feeling or opinion about the topic or idea - these may be positive or negative feelings, This should make your readers reconsider or rethink their opinion on the topic, and leave a lasting impression with demonstrated examples from trusted academic experts and day-to-day experiences. Anyone who chooses to purchase persuasive essays from will get a writer that will add the unique touch to their work. The writer assigned to you will know how to use targeted language, thus encouraging the reader to spend time reading your entire essay. An effective persuasive essay should be authoritative and written in the active voice, a technique employed in each instance by the writers at

Sample Topics and Persuasive Essays

While essays fall into many genres, persuasive essays are designed to convince the reader to adopt a particular position on the topic being argued. Many news items come in for careful scrutiny while they are current and are considered “hot topics.” The following are just a few ideas for essay topics, along with some samples that demonstrate the precise nature of a persuasive essay and how it is constructed. 

Essay Topics and Essay Descriptions


The 2012 DNC Speech by President Obama

Generally, Presidential addresses provide good material for analysis because, by nature, they are designed to persuade the public to adopt one viewpoint or another. This sample essay examines President Obama’s charisma as well as the content of his address.


Defending ObamaCare

The healthcare reforms (ObamaCare) that have recently been enacted have proved controversial with both US citizens and the nation’s lawmakers. This sample essay tries to convince the reader that Obamacare is an entirely positive initiative that will, in the long term, make health insurance more affordable for Americans.


Abortion: The Argument for Life

Where abortion is concerned, a lot of women feel they should have a say over what happens to their own bodies. This sample essay attempts to demonstrate how there are several logical viewpoints to take into account when deciding the rights and wrongs of this issue.


The writer assigned to you will make sure that the conclusion in your persuasive essay is succinct and reflects the points put forward in your paper.

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