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Our Revision Policy

Once a customer engages our company for any of their writing projects, they are entitled to ask their writer for a revision. This option is just one of the many benefits that distinguish us from our rivals. Our papers are accompanied by the choice of an unlimited number of revisions, provided they fall within the scope and timescale described in our terms and conditions. Our commitment to helping our customers succeed is something we are proud of, and we will take every necessary step to make sure we answer your questions in a timely manner and follow your instructions to the letter. Just go to the order page on our website and describe the requirements for your paper. 

What is meant by a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is typically the culmination of an intense phase of learning that requires considerable planning and effort. Generally, such a project is based on a particular field of study, and involves a course of study as well as the review of a significant amount of supplementary material.

The outline for a capstone project often includes:

  • A topic for the project, which needs to be defined and justified.
  • A summary of any research undertaken
  • Documentation, which generally involves an overview and analysis of the project, as well as an evaluation and the author’s recommendations.  

A capstone project is usually the drawing together of the student’s educational experience. Some of the objectives of a capstone project are:

  • To provide students with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their skills and understanding of their course material.
  • To allow students to widen their academic horizons into an area that interests them and opens up new ideas. 
  • To allow students to refine and expand their knowledge as they aspire to achieve new professional and personal achievements.

A capstone project gives the individual an opportunity for effective critical thinking and to use modern communication methods to achieve greater diversity within their academic discipline. The team wants to ensure you get everything we promise when you purchase capstone projects from our company.

The capstone project writing services are designed to cater for students who need a helping hand with their written work and any revisions to it. Generally speaking, capstone projects are structured in a prescribed way, which includes the manner of their presentation, the addition of appendices and other important information pertaining to the end product. While many capstone projects end up in the region of 30 to 40 pages long, some can be larger or smaller as stipulated by a particular college or university.

A crucial aspect of a capstone project is the significant amount of research needed on the paper’s topic, which will require the approval of a tutor/professor. These weighty projects are intended to be the finale in an undergraduate’s route to their degree. Because discussion is required with a college advisor or department leader, it is essential you provide us with as much information as possible when you buy a custom capstone project. This will allow your writer to tailor your paper more effectively.

We appreciate that many capstone projects evolve as they progress and, for this reason, we offer revisions. Part of our capstone project writing service, this process allows us to re-write particular areas of the work that might need a little extra polishing and fine turning. It also gives you chance to make sure all the project components are present and correct.

Essay Topics and Paper Descriptions

Censorship – Sample Essay

Here, we provide a capstone project sample that examines censorship. More specifically, our paper looks at the practice in the present century, and how free speech might be impacted by future governments.

Reducing the Legal Drinking Age in America – Sample Essay

This capstone project and essay sample offers arguments that favor reducing the legal age for alcohol consumption in the USA.

A Word about Submitting Any Capstone Project You Purchase

A usual requirement for a capstone project is that it is submitted on such medium as a DVD, CD, video tape or similar method, as well as in hard copy format. Furthermore, such projects are generally presented to a large group or class. Therefore, we make an extra effort to ensure those who buy a capstone project from us are fully satisfied with any freshly-written, revised or modified work we provide. 

At times, students taking a Master’s degree may be required to submit a capstone project. Some universities and colleges require a capstone project from their students. Sometimes this type of project is similar to a Master’s thesis, a qualification standard for many Master’s courses. As well as offering assistance with capstone projects, we can also help students with their theses. Should you decide to purchase your capstone project from us, it will be suitably customized to suit your academic level.

What Our Writing Service Guarantee?

We have expert writers from all the fifty US states delivering our writing services, all of whom have graduated after at least a four-year degree course. We select every writer carefully to ensure they can meet your writing needs.

The process of ordering a paper from us is easy. We are committed to following your exact instructions including staying focused on the topic, formatting in the right style and creating the type of document required. All papers are originally created and we guarantee there will be zero plagiarism.

We will correctly cite any references used in your capstone project, and these will come from credible academic sources. We provide the facilities for you to contact us 24x7 by phone or live chat session if you have any queries about our ordering procedures.

We also make it easy for you to communicate with your writer. Our messaging service enables you to interact with the writer working on your project so that you can enquire about progress and generally make sure you are getting the best product. However, we recommend you do not provide any personal information in the messaging area. Customer confidentiality is one of our highest priorities.

Once your paper has been completed, revised, or modified, you will have chance to check it to make sure it fits the requirements of your university or college. Our writer will undertake any revisions you consider necessary so that the end product is the custom-crafted work you expected when you placed your order with us.

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